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A very nice MSN compatible messenger application, aMSN Messenger is a multiplatform MSN messenger clone. Works pretty much like its Windows based counterpart. Perfect for keeping in touch with those friends who have not yet seen the light. Works on linux



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The new version of aMSN client

Pybuddy - Python daemon to control your i-buddy

Instead of using your i-buddy ( with MSN Messenger, why not use it to show other info? With pybuddy, you can control your i-buddy to do any of the supported actions: change head color, blink its heart, beat its wings, ... Example uses are: monitoring a website traffic (404s in red, 500s beating wings, 200s in green, ...), showing your project's continuous integration process, ... DependenciesThe daemon is written in python, runs on Linux and needs python-usb. Software usin


Kryptonite is an aMSN plugin which uses GnuPG to encrypt chats, audio, inks, and any feature of MSN protocol.

Melt's MSN Client

Melt's MSN Client for Linux systems Implements nearly full functionality for linux users of MSN's IM System. It takes CCMSN and updates its interface, beautifies text and remedies bugs in emoticon handling. This is a re-write of AMSN, based on CCM

Gespeaker - A GTK+ frontend for the espeak system

GespeakerCopyright (c) 2009-2010, Fabio Castelli (Muflone) DescriptionGespeaker is a GTK+ frontend for espeak. It allows to play a text in many languages with settings for voice, pitch, volume, speed and word gap. The text played can also be recorded to WAV file. Since version 0.6 it supports mbrola voices, it will require mbrola package and one or more mbrola voices from Debian repository or Ubuntu Trucchi repository. Multiple languages are supported, currently English, Italian, French and Span

Jantin Linux

Jantin Linux is a complete but lighweight operating system based on Slackware Linux, but aimed at desktop use It features applications such as AbiWord, aMSN, Xorg, XFCE, slim as well as the latest 2.6 kernel and glibc versions. Please note that fully dow

Super-os - remastered version of ubuntu with codecs and extras

Super OS 9.10, remastered version of Ubuntu Features compared to Ubuntu: Patched with 169 updates released for Ubuntu 9.10 Better Multimedia Support: VLC, support for DVD-playback, MP3 support and for other formats, like QuickTime video, Real video, Windows Media Video, Flash Video, DivX, Xvid, (.mov, .wmv, .flv, .avi, etc...) etc... Internet software: aMSN, Opera, Google Chrome, Skype, Firefox with Flash and Moonlight Portable Applications available (RUNZ included) Programs are easier to run: A

Psymp3 - PsyMP3 Media Player

+1 PsyMP3 on Google+! PsyMP3 is an audio media player written in C++, sporting a simple, minimalistic, and keyboard-driven user interface. Previously written in FreeBASIC, I have decided to rewrite the entire program in portable C++, enabling ports to GNU/Linux, Free/Open/NetBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris (and it's open-source derivative, OpenIndiana), and anything else I can get my hands on. So far, PsyMP3 2.x is in development, The 2-CURRENT source is currently at the completeness level of a pre-alpha

Frostynux - A post-installation tools and goodies for Fedora 7 Linux distribution, like the support

The project will be a post installation tools for the Fedora 7 linux distribution. It was developped entierly with Shell Scripts and has a graphical interface created with Zenity. The application contain 5 module : 1- The support of 3D environment desktop, like auto-installing of video card driver, and the window manager Compiz-Fusion and Beryl 2- Installing all codecs that the user will need to play music avec show video, also it install multimedia player like VLC, MPlayer, Xine. 3- The support

Cdslivre - CDLivre & DVDLivre - Coletânea de Software Livre para MS-Windows

Se você necessita de softwares para navegar na Internet (Firefox), conversar com seus amigos (Pidgin, Xchat e AMsn), baixar (TrueDownloader) seus arquivos favoritos e seus torrents (Azureus), descompacta-los ou compata-los (7zip) para enviar por email (Thunderbird) aos seus amigos enquanto você escuta sua música(Songbird) favorita, e nas horas vagas tentando enfrentar o tédio (Pingus, LMarble, FZPong, IceBreaker) ou enfrentando as ameaças (SpaceShooter, Defendguin), ou explorando novos mund