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AMM - Another Mp3 Manager - Manages Information about your Mp3s, find duplicate Mp3s, get Information from ID3v1-Tags, ID3v2-Tags and from filename, ...



Related Projects

Amms - Social networking aplication

AMMS is the codename of a social networking application for mobile devices, it use the Android framework for its development. The main target is to create networks of trust that allows users to interact by using the features provided by the android framework.

Alceri Multimedia Player

Alceri Multimedia Player (AMmP) is simple player which use the excellent Gtk+-2.x.x

Amm-fichero - sistema de historiales medicos

·Programa en desarrollo: Sistema de historiales médicos y fichas de pacientes en distintos institutos y agrupaciones medicas. ·Developers: - Alejandra Denise Stamato - Manuel Nicolas Soldini - Mariano Alejandro Montero Sinatra

Advanced Mail Merge (AMM) for Microsoft Office

Advanced Mail Merge for Microsoft Word 2007/2010, offers great extensable functionality: - Merge to document (PDF) - Merge to attachment - Use Outlook to send e-mail - Optional, leverage Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tracking

Lapse - Timelapse photography app for J2ME mobile phones.

LAPSE is a time-lapse photography app for mobile phones based on the AMMS (Advanced MultiMedia Supplements) demo from the Sun Wireless Toolkit. I’ve modified the demo code to add camera control options and timer settings and a loop that uses the selected delay to capture images periodically from the device’s camera. The app works pretty well on my trusty Sony Ericsson K810i. Check the hardware support wiki page for your device. The app comes in two versions: LAPSE Basic This version may be u

Amms-test-code - testCodes for my project

testCodes, wrote this so as can access old testCodes as well

amm - amm system

amm system

Breigns - AMM Application

AMM Application

Bizwikimodule - Search Bizwiki UK for a business

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