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Amithlon is an emulation based system allowing users to run AmigaOS 3.9 on regulation x86 PC systems, without the overhead of having to load an underlying operating system, unlike WinUAE, UAE, or AmigaXL. This is amithlon's linux kernel project.



Related Projects

Amithlon-revival - Amithlon Revival Project

What is it?The Amithlon Revival Project aims to continue the work of Bernd Mayer & Harald Frank on Amithlon, while ensuring that no license terms (Open Source, or proprietary) are broken. Support should be extended to other projects such as AmiKit and Anubis. Ultimately, the project is supporting AmigaOS (through emulation) and her clones to run as native as possible on x86 hardware. Goals & IdeasAdapt GPL'd Amithlon kernel code for modern 2.4 and/or 2.6 Linux kernels. Look into adaption of {Fre

Sabretooth - BlueTooth Stack for AmigaOS

The "SabreTooth" Stack for AmigaOS is an attempt to provide The basic modular approach to supporting standard bluetooth devices on AmigaOS 3 (680x0 Classic / AMIthlon) AmigaOS 4 (PowerPC) and AROS/ (680x0/PowerPC/i686 and x86_64 mixed targets)