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AMIS, the open source DAISY book player, has moved to



Related Projects


AmiGoGtp is a version of the AmiGo Go program with a GTP (Go Text Protocol) interface added. It can be used as a weak but fast opponent for beginners and is of historical interest as one of the first open-source Go programs.

pyst: Python for Asterisk

Pyst consists of a set of interfaces and libraries to allow programming of Asterisk from python. The library currently supports AGI, AMI, and the parsing of Asterisk configuration files. The library also includes debugging facilities for AGI. 2013-05-29: Maintainers of github fork quot;pyst2quot; contacted to join forces. Note that the last release here fixes the same bug as on github, otherwise github version seems to only contain cosmetic changes and examples. 2012-07-06: An offer to mai


MICO/mt plans to document and implement multi-threading for MICO, RTCORBA, and AMI interfaces

StarPy Asterisk Protocols for Twisted

Twisted protocols providing access to the Asterisk PBX's AMI and FastAGI interfaces from within the same programming process.

AmiBroker .NET SDK. C# based project template for AmiBroker Plug-in development

A non official AmiBroker Plug-in SDK written in C# plus a bunch of data plug-ins built on top of it.


AMI is a 100% peer to peer protocol used to support any further over-protocols. This protocols will allow people to find them and dialogate together with any protocol and in a secure way.

Amibroker - AmiBroker Plug-Ins with C#. A non official C# SDK for AmiBroker plug-in development

AmiBroker .NET / C# SDK and PluginsAmiBroker Plug-in SDK v0.0.5 (March 14, 2010) MarketGrid® (RU) data Plug-in v1.0.1 (February 14, 2011) <- NEW! TD AMERITRADE data Plug-in, Google Finance and other coming soon... Project DescriptionYou probably know that official AmiBroker SDK is written in C++ thus it's not an option for many plug-in developers not proficient with C or C++. The goal of this project is to demonstrate how you can build plug-ins for AmiBroker NOT with C++ but with fully managed

Elasticwulf - ElasticWulf: Beowulf cluster run on Amazon EC2

The ElasticWulf project consists of Python command line tools to launch and configure a beowulf cluster on Amazon EC2. We also include AMI build scripts for master and worker nodes based on x64 Fedora Core 6 instances. The final machine images are publicly available on Amazon: IMAGE ami-e813f681 datawrangling-images/FC6×64-ec2wulf-master.manifest.xml IMAGE ami-eb13f682 datawrangling-images/FC6×64-ec2wulf-worker.manifest.xml The Python cluster management code should be uploaded the Monday after

Transfert - Programme de transfert de fichiers

Réalisé en java, ce programme permettra d'envoyer simplement un fichier à un ami dans une ergonomie la plus totale.

Cloudloader - Cloud Loader by Model Metrics (Salesforce integration on Amazon EC2)

Cloud Loader is a scripted version of the Apex Data Loader that is pre-packaged in a public Amazon EC2 AMI (Amazon Machine Image). This will allow you to integrate data into or out of Salesforce completely in the Cloud without having to find a server to host the integration. This AMI includes email notifications and can be up and running within minutes if your integration data can be made available on an FTP server that is visible to EC2.