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Amino is an MVC application framework for any kind of application - but here it is being used for domain-independent Modelling amp; Simulation.



Related Projects

Libprot - A library for manipulating amino acid and nucleic acid sequences

This library has code for manipulating sequences of amino acids and nucleic acids. It also has code for switching in between nucleic acids and amino acids (i.e: translation).

Seqalign - Nucleic and Amino acid sequence alignment algorithm.

Evolutionary algorithm to ptimize the alignment between sequences of amino or nucleic acids.

Amino-epg-grabber - A Python program to grab EPG data in XMLTV format

AminoEPGGrabber(.py) is a program made for IPTV users that like to watch their IPTV on a HTPC. It will connect to a IPTV VLAN that is set up for Amino IPTV boxes and grab the EPG data that is provided for them. This EPG data is then converted into XMLTV format so it can be used in most HTPC software. NOTE: This program is only meant to provide EPG listings for IPTV users. Please do not distribute the grabbed EPG's to third parties.

Leonardosketch - a vector drawing program for the 21st century

Leonardo and AminoLeonardo is an drawing program optimized for sketches, mockups, and presentations; ready to be extended with rich plugins and internet services. Amino is the next generation Java UI toolkit that Leonardo is built on. The main project site for Leonardo is here AminoAmino is a next generation UI toolkit. Learn about the Getting Started Tutorial The The Roadmap and Mission Statement How layout works How to write automated tests How events work demosWe don't have many demos yet oth

Mhc-laia-motifs - Search for MHC-like motifs in peptide collections

This utility helps in the search for MHC-like motifs in collections of peptide sequences obtained from proteomic analyses. Motifs will search for sequence motifs characterized by an anchor position defined by the presence of one or several specific amino acids and will determine the frecuency of the different amino acids in each position in the sequence to the right (C-terminal) of the anchor. Amino acids defining the anchor and the motif size are selectable. An additional position in the peptid

Xwalk - Prediction, Validation and Visualisation of Chemical Cross-Link Data

Chemical cross-linking of proteins or protein complexes and the mass spectrometry based localization of the cross-linked amino acids is a powerful method for generating distance restraints on the substrate’s topology. Here we introduce the algorithm Xwalk for predicting and validating these cross-links on existing protein structures. Xwalk calculates and displays non-linear distances between chemically cross-linked amino acids on protein surfaces, while mimicking the flexibility and non-linear

Pfmprediction - SABINE: stand-alone binding specificity estimator

SABINE is a tool to predict the binding specificity of a transcription factor (TF), given its amino acid sequence, DNA-binding domains, superclass and species. The tool compares a given factor to a predefined set of TFs of the same superclass for which experimentally confirmed position frequency matrices (PFM) are available. Based on various features capturing evolutionary, structural and physicochemical similarity of the DNA-binding domains, the PFM similarity is predicted by means of support v

Santa-sim - SANTA: A simulator of nucleotide and amino acid sequences with selection and recombinati

SANTA simulates the evolution of a population of gene sequences forwards through time. It models the underlying biological processes as discrete components; replication (including recombination), mutation, fitness and selection.

DART: DNA, amino acid and RNA tests

DNA, Amino Acid And RNA Tests: free software for probabilistic measurement and annotation of biological sequences, using phylogenetic Markov chains and stochastic grammars.

Xprot - A class library offering an object oriented way to handle proteomic relevant data

XProt - A multi language proteomics libraryCurrently implemented languagesJavascript PHP C# Example for jsprot (Javacript implementation of XProt)//-- Instantiate the peptide class --var pep = new mpimp.jsprot.Peptide();//-- Provide an amino acid sequecne --var seq = 'HGYIGEFEYVDDHR';//-- Check if sequence is valid --if (pep.validateSequence(seq) === true) { document.writeln('The sequence is valid.');} else { document.writeln('The sequence is not valid.');}pep.Sequence = 'HGYIGEFEYVDDHR';pep.NTe