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Amide's a Medical Image Data Examiner: Amide is a tool for viewing, registering, and analyzing anatomical and functional volumetric medical imaging data sets.



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AmIDE - AmigaOS-based IDE system

AmIDE - Amiga Integrated Development Environment is a modern MUI based IDE system that should make the Amiga developer able to use his favourite Compiler system with a modern looking GUI System with features like filetype handling, Build/Make, TextEd

Amid - AMI aiD (AMID) - Scanning a system for security or privacy critical data before publishing or

AMI aiD (AMID)As public AMIs often contain security or privacy critical information, we developed the AMID tool to detect the most important vulnerabilities in publicly available VM images. The AMID tool scans your system for security or privacy critical data before publishing or when started as virtual machine in the cloud, e.g., an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). Although the terminology we choose is based on that by the Amazon Web Services (AWS), AMID can be used also for other infrastructure-as-

amide - Novo portal da AMIDE

Novo portal da AMIDE

Pyrtos - Pyr(amid)(Plou)tos Household Organizer

Pyr(amid)(Plou)tos Household Organizer

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Programming Expertly Amid Corporations and Enterprises

procs-phaistos - ProCS amide proton chemical shift predictor module for Phaistos

ProCS amide proton chemical shift predictor module for Phaistos

Test-for-Amid - Тестовый проект для отладки взаимодействия

Тестовый проект для отладки взаимодействия


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