Adobe Media Gallery

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The Adobe Media Gallery is a Flash web photo and video gallery whose appearance and behavior can be customized via XML files.



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Video4fuze - A tool to make easier putting videos on the fuze withot Sansa Media Converter

Based on ewelot's findings on sansa forums, I've done a little GUI app. which will let you convert your videos to a format readable by our beloved fuze. Video explaining how to use video4fuze New: for those who wanted it, now there's a zip compiled archive for download. It has support for a wide range of video formats (the same as mencoder, as it uses mencoder as a backend) and should work on all nix systems and windows. The universal tar.bz2 archive requires python, mencoder, ffmpeg, PyQt4 and

Mfem - Finite Element Discretization Library

IntroductionMFEM is a general, modular, parallel C++ library for finite element methods research and development. OverviewConceptually, MFEM can be viewed as a finite element toolbox, that provides the building blocks for developing finite element algorithms in a manner similar to that of MATLAB for linear algebra methods. In particular, MFEM supports a wide variety of finite element spaces in 2D and 3D, including arbitrary high-order H1-conforming, discontinuous (L2), H(div)-conforming, H(curl)

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