AMFPHP (Flash Remoting for PHP)

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Simple Remoting for Web Applications



Related Projects

Amfphp-redux - A remix of amfphp with tons of features

A remix of amfphp with tons of features like code generation, database management, flex code generation, and more.

Book-db - Book database for use by small libraries

A very simple PHP + amfphp + Flex solution for handling books in a library or book circle.

Filemakerdao - FileMaker AMFPHP Remoting Services gateway

FileMaker web AMF gateway to FileMaker databases writen in PHP. This Library, based on AMFPHP and optimized for speed, was designed as Flex/Flash Remoting Services interface to Filemaker, but can be used from any AJAX app.

Amfmoodle - amfPHP moodle project

This project will focus on development of a 3rd party extension for moodle to enable amfphp web services with moodle core. The goal of the project is to enable developers to rapidly build RIA applications using a combination of Moodle/amfphp & AS3 within Flash or Flex environment. Subject to future upgrades Version 1 of amfmoodle project will use amfphp-1.9 (or beta amfphp 2.0 and Moodle(1.9) in a LAMP environment. The project will be built in stages with a goal to opening up moodle core code us

Symfony-flex - PHP and Flex

Using PHP for server side scripting, Flex PureMVC for front end client side scripting and AMFPHP for PHP-Flex Bridge

Aircmdamfphp - Access AMFPHP using the PHP Command Line Interface via Adobe AIR

This project is a demonstration of 2 things - firstly, how to use the new nativeProcess capabilities of Adobe Air 2 (Beta) to communicate with PHP via the command line. And secondly, how to extend that to using AMF messages to communicate with MYSQL via AMFPHP via the PHP CLI. The Main.mxml file contains the vast majority of the code. This attempts to retrieve two records from a little MYSQL table, where each record contains a photo from Nasa - and if everything goes well, the application displa

As3pogkit - solution for using POG with AS3 projects

Goals include: successful implementation of a remoting solution utilizing as3, POG and AMFPHP as3 code generation based on POG objects Help needed If you are interested in contributing to this solution, please send me an IM or email and I will be happy to include you on the project: jwopitz(at)gmail(dot)com Updates 2008.03.21 - New with deserialization fix uploaded. Also added source files for client and server. Those users wishing to use SVN still need to make sure that the neces

Flash-work - Micro framework em PHP para integração com Flash

Criado visando facilitar a integração e desenvolvimento de aplicações PHP integradas com Flash, utilizando AMFPHP para integrar o Flash com o PHP e RedBean para integrar o PHP com o Banco de dados.