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The ATLAS Multimedia Educational Lab for Interactive Analysis (AMELIA) is an educational tool for High-Energy physics featuring the ATLAS detector at CERN. Using the Irrlicht engine AMELIA integrates event analysis and contextual media in a 3D interface.



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It is my first attempt to build a software just for my personal usage. More information about this software is in the site:

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Oleh\t: \tFitri Amelia Rumiati Srima Hayati Nur Ismi Dhuha TIF 4 A APLIKASI PERPUSTAKAAN DENGAN JAVA Perpustakaan adalah suatu tempat dimana para pelajar memperoleh akses terhadap informasi dan pengetahuan. Perpustakaan merupakan fasilitas pendukung proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran melalui penyediaan bahan pustaka dan pelayanan yang sesuai dengan kurikulum yang ada. Dengan fasilitas perpustakaan para pelajar dapat mengembangkan kreativitas dan imajinasi mereka. Perpustakaan merupakan sarana ya

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DeskripsiRepositori ini dibuat dalam rangka tugas IF5135 Pembangunan Perangkat Lunak, Program Studi Magister Informatika, Sekolah Teknik Elektro dan Informatika, Institut Teknologi Bandung (2011). AMELIA (Advanced Monitoring for Education Lecture Inventories and Activities) merupakan pernagkat lunak untuk mengelola inventori dan kegiatan akademik perkuliahan, seperti perkuliahan dan ruang perkuliahan, diskusi, seminar, dan lain-lain. AnggotaAlvin Andhika Zulen Arian Ichsan Christian Hadiwinoto G

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MartinchoBotMartinchoBot is a lua irc bot. It can be easily extended with plugins writen in lua. Martincho bot uses LuaSocket, and LuaIrc. Some examples: Translation[23:49] <Martincho> !translate Hola Mundo![23:49] <MartinchoBot> [lang: es]: Hello world![23:50] <Martincho> !translate självständiga[23:50] <MartinchoBot> [lang: sv]: independentGoogle search[23:51] <Martincho> !google Chuck Norris[23:51] <MartinchoBot> Chuck Norris once roundhouse kicked someone s

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JSConf US 2013 in Amelia Island, FL over May 28 - 30, 2013. Possibly the best conference ever - we are a bit biased, though.


Aplicação web de apoio e gerenciamento de hardware e software para pontos de serviço em Linux


OPSS Application Role Security Migration Helper. This project was originally designed to provide a quicker mechanism for migrating Oracle BI 11g security. It clearly has a resounding place in other OPSS based FMW applications. Project Amelia is a new open source project to assist with migrating and documenting Policy Store Security in Oracle Fusion Middleware, specifically for but not limited to Oracle Business Intelligence 11g. The project contains the core scripts and binary files req