•        0 is a lightweight R/O mapper framework for .net, which easy database access without XML descriptors. It uses reflection and annotations for the CRUD cycle of c# objects. is dot net version of original java version of Amber



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Ef-unit-testing - Entity Framework unit testing example

This is an example of using Entity Framework for unit testing. It uses Northwind database (, Entity Framework 1.0 (included into .NET 3.5 SP1) and NUnit ( so make sure you have all of them installed. Also you will need to change the connection string to your database server. All comments to this code can be found at (sorry, in Russ


Universal plug-able engine for 3D graph, interactive VR, network communication and... something else :) Graph API: OpenGL (with SDL) Develop: Dev-C++ and MinGW, CMake and gcc

Data-access-orm-comparison - A test project for ORM performance comparison

This test project was created to test different .NET ORM performance. ORMs to compare: LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, Active Record (NHibernate). Database: Northwind (MS SQL Server) All the details and results can be found at Alexader Konduforov's blog (, russian only. If you are English-speaking person please feel free to write any comments in english - I will surely reply and try to help.

Data-website-collection - Some commonly used websites including datasets

Some commonly used websites including datasets and software KEGG pubchem drugbank EPA website QSAR world EODESSA website

Amberalert404 - Amber Alert 404 pagina code. Laat uw foutmelding ook nuttig zijn.

Amber Alert 404 paginaOverDit project heeft tot doel een eenvoudige foutmelding te maken voor Apache+PHP voor Amber Alert ( Naar een idee van: Dit idee leek mij dusdanig zinvol dat ik een php variant heb gemaakt voor Amber Alert. Vragen en opmerkingen kunnen naar adrianus<apestaartje>warmenhoven<punt>nlHoe te gebruikenHet gebruik is heel eenvoudig: Kopiëer de code van 404.php in een editor,

ambernet - AmberNET with Rails and DataMapper

AmberNET with Rails and DataMapper

Jspxnet - java一体化构架,简�适用

简介 一套开�的 java 平� web构架,体积�巧,使用模�制作页�。标准的(html+css+javascript) UI方�。 丢掉了jsp编译的烦�和使用tag的麻烦, 完整的架构体系,包括了ui�ioc�cache�连接池�验��模��数�库查询更新等完整代�,��赖第三方包。�置和使用上类似ssh构架,但体积更�,功能�弱,b/s,c/s 构架都�以使用.为了�高易用性,学习和使用上没有使用特殊技术,语言上�使