Amazon S3 Upload with Uploadify

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ASP.MVC upload file from client browser direct to Amazon S3



Related Projects

Octopuscloud - Octopus Cloud Storage System

The Octopus Cloud Storage System is a software service, designed to provide a high-availability cloud-based storage solution. It supports six different S3-compatible public and private cloud storage services Amazon S3, Google Storage, Host Europe Cloud Storage, Walrus (Eucalyptus), Cumulus (Nimbus), Object Storage Swift (OpenStack).

Uploadify-amazon-s3 - Upload to Amazon S3 with Uploadify

This is a script showing how to upload to Amazon S3 with Uploadify. It does not suffer from the common 'random 403 upload error' bug.

Flajaxian S3 Amazon Service Uploader

Flajaxian S3 Amazon Service Uploader is adapter for the Flajaxian FileUploader .NET web control designed for asynchronous file upload to an Amazon Service of multiple files at the same time, without a page post back and with a progress bar indicating the current upload progres...

Svntos3 - Subversion To Amazon S3 upload / download / list tool

SvnToS3 was created by a enterprise software development company. It a command line application that allows you to dump your subversion repository (svnadmin dump) and upload directly into your Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Designed with CruiseControl.NET in mind. This command line application is a perfect task to backup your subversion repository to a nice and safe Amazon S3 storage location. The project utilizes the ThreeSharp library, and uses the native .net GZipStre

Awss3filemanager - Amazon Web Services S3 File Manager

AMAZON S3 FILE MANAGER is a tool which you can easily manage your files on the AMAZON S3 SERVERS. This API is a dynamic web based file management system that allow you to create a user-friendly online document repository. You can use it to browse directories and files on the server and edit, copy, move, delete, upload, download files, create new directories and files, edit files... This tool is focused on the AMAZON S3 SERVERS, but also works with regular file systems and FTP servers.

Mesawarati - A Django based project to administer a photo website.

Supports: photos auto-thumbnailing galleries zip upload tagging various storage backends including Amazon S3 internationalization This project makes use of several existing Django modules and packages them up for you as a Django project.

Awstasks - Ant tasks to interface with Amazon Web Services

These tasks allow you to move files to and from Amazon's S3 service, and other tasks will be added to interface with other services as well. DependenciesJets3t commons-httpclient commons-codec Example UsageNOTE: This initial release is very basic. More features and task will be added as time goes on. This example shows definition of the task, using a defined classpath ref. The upload target first loads a property file which contains the AWS access id and secret key. The task example simply uploa

Cloudrunner - A framework for running things in the cloud

Cloudrunner is currently used to launch benchmarking jobs to Amazon's EC2. These jobs typically launch a test server along with one or more servers to test. When the tests are completed, the results are uploaded to S3 (of course) and the servers, typically, are shutdown.

Pyamazonclouddrive - Trying to access Amazon Cloud Drive with Python

IntroductionPyAmazonCloudDrive (pyacd) is 3rd-party Python library for accessing "Amazon Cloud Drive". Now this is just an experimental project, but a GOAL is a few line upload-download like "boto". StatusGave up developing because of "Amazon Cloud Drive: Terms of Use". 6. Softwareyou may not ... (f) modify, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble, or otherwise tamper with, the Software, whether in whole or in part, or crea