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AmazonECS.Net is a .Net library for the Amazon E-Commerce Service. It allows easy and fast implementation of Amazon's ECS in any .Net application.



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Rudy - v0.9 BETANot your grandparents' EC2 deployment tool. Rudy is a development and deployment tool for EC2. It helps you build and maintain infrastructures by organizing them into groups of zones, environments, and roles. By making it quick and easy to build infrastructures, Rudy makes it feasible to run environments only for the time that you need them. All configuration is organized into this hierarchy so you can define properties (machine image, machine type, IP address, etc...) by role, b

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EMOTIVE Cloud Elastic Management of Tasks in Virtualized Environments is in charge of managing virtual machines created in Xen by creating full customized virtual machines and allowing executing tasks inside this.