AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner

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AMaViS is a script that interfaces a mail transport agent (MTA) with virus scanners.



Related Projects


The postfix-logwatch / amavis-logwatch log analyzers produce summaries, reports and statistics regarding the operation of postfix and amavis. Use standalone, or as a filter module for the open source logwatch utility.

Artica For Postfix

An SSL Postfix Management Interface in PHP/Ajax that handles all postfix parameters including Virtual Domains in LDAP.It handles all securities features by implementing all addons like Spamassassin,Clamav,Milter-greylist,amavis within technical skills

Amavis Notfy Parser

This tool is generating a logfile from notifies that amavis sends, so that statistics can be generated. Another advantage of this type of logging is that i can create a central log in a multi-server setup. amavis, amavisd and amavisd-new are supported.


Permits to parse a maillog file and save explicit pattern in a mysql database. HTML report are created in real time, you could see size, sender, receiver, date, error stat. You can enable support for a particular domain and for amavis

Mail Log Filter

Mail Log Filter filters out log entries of message duplicates from the postfix mail log caused by the use of extra MTAs (such as amavis) and thus preventing log analyzers (such as awstats) from seeing and counting the same message twice.

Friedspam - Ubuntu based postfix mal filtering setup tool.

A shell script to install and configure a Ubuntu base MTA, that will include, Alter-Mime, Amavis, Apache, Clam-AV, DCC, Maia Mail guard, MySQL, Postfix (Rules Du Jour, and all the basic SARE rules, The Fuzzy OCR Plug in, Botnet plug in, PostGrey), Razor and Spam Assassin.

Vmailpanel - Web based management for virual Postfix Domains

vMailPanel is a web based interface to manage virtual email domains with ldap database and a web interface. Postfix will be used as mta and Dovecot / Courier as respective mail server and of course openldap.

amavis-ng - New generation amavis

New generation amavis

mod-amavis - Amavis Module for ServerControl

Amavis Module for ServerControl