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Conceptually similar to mixins, amalgams combine interface implementations with anonymous overrides to create multifaceted proxies.



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Amalgam: Place FTP target as a HDD into Windows OS

Synonyms: alloy, amalgamation, blend, combination, combo, fusion This will make an FTP target appear as a source drive within the windows OS (i.e. in Explorer or a DOS box). It will allow Media playback, file updates, backup programs etc. to function as if they are talking...

Dutils - Set of useful libraries for D programming language

A set of lightweight useful libraries for D programming language. Like image processing or components for DFL. si (SimpleImage) / bmp,gim,png,psd,tga,tm2 + ttf + amalgamation (one file) lzma decoding sstring (SimpleString) Prime Numbers ISO 9660 utilities and CSO simple file system simple expression evaluator, Gold Engine and Compiler Tests Segments and Space Assigners Fuse bindings OpenGL bindings Dokan bindings Procwin (Windows Hooks)

Aloi-project - Aloi - PHP5 Web Application Architecture

Aloi is an open source PHP5 Web Application Framework which includes layered architecture to develop well designed advanced web applications. It provides advanced MVC controller patterns and concepts for developers to write powerful fast applications in PHP. Why Aloi? Aloi aims to bring enterprise patterns and cool technology from other environments into PHP's agile environment to make something new. Aloi takes the strong properties of different technologies and amalgamates into something lean,

Oomph - A Microformats Toolkit

Oomph makes Microformats more accessible for developers, designers and users. Oomph is an amalgamation of applications: an Internet Explorer Add-in built in C++ that finds Microformats on a page; a cross-browser HTML overlay built using JQuery that aggregates Microformats; a ...

Database-adt - sqlite database ADT

Sqlite database ADTHistoriaPara una materia de la facultad con mi grupo elegimos usar SQLite. Preguntando por ahí, Juan Martín Sotuyo Dodero había hecho un ADT, así que lo tomé prestado y lo adapté para mi trabajo. Hace poco descubrí un link interesante con código de Marcus Grimm haciendo uso de SQLite con threads. Link Esto no es otra cosa que alguna que otra mejora al código de Juan y el agregado de funciones de Marcus Grimm. Los créditos son para ellos dos. :) ¿Cómo usar?Bajar sql

Rgrdhack - A roguelike made by the denizens of #rgrd

In the spirit of NetHack, rgrdhack is an amalgamation of many sources. Anyone is free to add levels, monsters, and whatever else they want to the game.

Sidewiki-defeat - Defeats Sidewiki community comments by redirecting to a unique URL

Defeats Sidewiki tracking amalgamation of comments by generating and appending a unique hash to each URL. Works only if there is no hash portion present in the request URL and JavaScript is enabled.

Sc2-experimentals - A modification for the game Supreme Commander 2

This project houses all data regarding the modification the new Eschmod as worked on by me, RCIX. The current source available is a rough version of what will be the first release. It contains an amalgamation of changes from my mod and Eschmod, with several new changes to improve balance and factional diversity.

Bo-xmi-transformer - BO model XMI export file processing tool-kit

README A demonstration of what could be achieved with Business Object Model export into XMI using diverse amalgam of tools and technologies. I was using the tool-kit to generate documentation about SAP objects and collect data for further analysis. Please let me know if you find it useful. Rad (nad2000 AT gmail DOT com) For further reading check: