Anonymous Mailer

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Amailer means anonymous mailer, you can send an anonymous email to anyone, using anyones email address, all the emails you send gets logged in a MYSQL DB, so if you have let out amailer ot the public, you can also change your amailers site prefs :)



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Amail-archive - AMail - Encrypted Email Archive Manager

AMail is an encrypted email archive manager, it can browse and modify email archives. AMail is NOT an email client, it is just used to store email messages using AES256 encryption. It's developed in C# 3.5 using WPF and the following libraries: Prism - Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight. Unity - An implementation of the Dependency Injection pattern. LumiSoft - Used to parse MIME messages. Rhino.Mocks - For unit testing. DotNetZip - Used to read/write zip files. Latest Version


Web based e-mail reader

Fterm - Java library for representing data using Feature Terms

fterm is a library to represent data using the Feature Term formalism. It supports the creation of ontologies, and the basic operations with feature terms: subsumption, antiunification and unification. Additionally, it implements a collection of refinement operators which can be used as the basis of many learning and reasoning algorithms. As a bonus, fterm comes with a collection of learning algorithms already coded as examples: similarity evaluations, FOIL (HIDRA), LID, INDIE, ABUI, AMAIL, and

amail - ftn mailer

ftn mailer



kohana-alphamail - Kohana 3.3 - Simple wrapper for AlphaMail library (

Kohana 3.3 - Simple wrapper for AlphaMail library (