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Aluminum is an open source yahoo chat client inspired by Zinc ( written in PERL.



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A modified version of Apple's trackpad device driver that allows for two-finger scrolling on most Aluminum PowerBook and G4 iBook models introduced before 2005.

Csc380-plum-novelis - Our software engineering project for Novelis

Novelis, a major manufacturer of rolled aluminum products and aluminum can recycling has sponsored our software engineering project at SUNY Oswego. Throughout the semester and possibly beyond, we will be working with Novelis on a project that analyzes various aluminum samples and calculates the purity/impurity of the sample.

Aluminumproject - Aluminum - a powerful and flexible template engine

Aluminum is a powerful and flexible template engine. It can be used to generate documents, but can also be used for more complicated tasks. It can be used standalone, from the command line, or in a servlet environment. Aluminum is licensed under the very permissive Apache 2 license. Where can I get Aluminum?The latest stable release can be downloaded from the downloads section. To get the most recent version, you can build it from source. Where can I get information about Aluminum?If you've neve

Aluminum-blog - Yet another blog system being abandoned

Aluminum Blog SystemTHIS PROJECT IS ABANDONED. ALL CODE ARE PRESERVED, FOR ARCHIVE ONLY. 这个项目已�被抛弃 Pylons version: aluminum-blog It is a blog system wrote by Alex. Originally based on ASP, then migrated to PHP. Almost everything is perfect. It is still in active development. Licensed under New BSD License. �忽悠�折腾积��应胡core��,�决�折腾 积�使用chtml�决��娱�精神,�北京艺进娱辉科技投资股份有�公�学习<?echo "<!-

Cnc-milling-machine - Complete Hardware and Software for a light duty CNC milling machine for PCBs

The CNC PCB Milling Machine project is the complete specifications for the software and hardware for a complete light duty Computer and Numerical Control (CNC) milling machine designed primarily to mill isolation traces in copper clad printed circuit board material. Additionally, it can handle milling of soft materials such as plastics and aluminum. This entire project is now open source. This includes the design of the physical machine itself (most of which I owe to many other excellent sources

Vaccine-toxic-load-calculator - Providing Visibility into Vaccine Ingredients

ContentsContentsMissionVisionEthicsDisclaimerHow Can You Help?Software Development RequirementsContributors MissionTo give people the tools they need to exercise informed consent, by comparing vaccines and creating customized Vaccination Plans. VisionInformed consent can be best summarized as: show us the science and give us the choice. Thinking like consumers means that we behave more like we would if we were buying a car: we do research, compare brands, examine safety records, and look under t


This is a non-profit startup to raise money for charities through recycling aluminum cans

Blue-foam-cnc - Desktop-side software for the Olin Principles of Engineering Styrofoam CNC Machine

Java client-side software that controls the Olin College 2009 Principles of Engineering Styrofoam CNC Machine. Software is compatible with DXF CAD drawings and SVG images and is able to convert them to a CNC job for cutting with our CNC machine. Job communication is done over USB using libusb. The Machine itself is a monster of a hot-wire CNC machine produced fall of 2009 for the Principles of Engineering course. It uses 4 motors, 4 encoders, 5 Microchip PIC microcontrolle

Pseudo-cheap-arduino-based-quadcopter - Sparkfun + Arduino + Brain = Quadcopter

Using the Arduino duemilanove, a few sensors from sparkfun, and many of what could have been exciting nights out in the city, I will attempt to convince 4 individually selfish and painfully uncorrelated motors, aluminum, fiber glass, and a bit of hot glue, into a harmonious and hopefully symbiotic relationship.