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Aluminium is a visual data-flow-ish programming language for small web applications.



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Thaisiri-residence - Thai-Bali style Residence

We are building 57 luxurious condominium in exclusive Thai-Bali style with scandinavian management at Jomtien-Thailand studio, 1BR, 2BR (60-210 sqm) wooden floors livingroom & bedroom tiles kitchen & bathroom aircon of high standard high end UPVC/aluminium profiles windows and doors wide entrance doors in solid wood - 110 cm Crestron lighting control & automation all units facing swimmingpool clubhouse/restaurant spa swimmingpool w/underwater LED lights poolside bar & sala BBQ pavillion electric

Saltanalysis - salt analysis program for a plus two based chemistry lab experiments.........

//Salt Analysis #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class salt { int anion,cation,group; public: void prlexm(); int testanion(); int testcation(); void intro() { clrscr(); cout<<"\ SALT ANALYSIS"; cout<<"\\ This Is A Program Created By Mr. Ajish K B. Which Is Used To Do The Salt Analysis In A Computerised Way... Here Is A Program Which Is A Result Of $DAYS HARDWORK>>>>>>>"; getch(); } void result() { clrscr(); cout<<"\ SALT ANALYSIS"; cout<<"\\ $$$$SOLE RESULT::"; cout<<"\\\\tThe SALT contain


Get our external aluminium roller shutters to reduce heat gain in summer and prevent heat loss in winter. Feel Safe Roller Aluminium Shutters are available in 9 standard colours. Call us today.


A simple PHP framework.


The Aluminium Bi Fold Doors is built up using a frame in which moveable parts or elements are placed in such a way that it is possible to fold the elements to the left or right. These elements or sashes are supported and hinged to a mullion.

aluminium_lady - Repo for Artisan's Asylum Battlebots Design Challenge 2013

Repo for Artisan's Asylum Battlebots Design Challenge 2013


Euh, un projet foireux de jeu 2D en vala, mais qui commence à avancer sérieusement


Metal windows and doors are usually made of aluminium, copper, iron or steel, depending upon the architectural supplies of the building. Usually, vertical metal windows & doors are of solid, stationary construction of strong ribbed heavy gauge materials, for all-weather durability against wind, rain, and sun.


Application: on the ground Geology enviroment: Even or uneven ground Material of structure: Stainless steel and anodised aluminium Module Type: with or without frame Wind load: 50m/s Snow load:1.4kn/? Warranty: 10years