Altogether - Xerox Alto simulator

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Altogether is a microcode-level simulator of the Xerox Alto IIXM personal workstation.



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OpenPhoto - A Photo Sharing and Photo Management Application

OpenPhoto works similarly to Flickr, Smugmug and other photo sharing services with one major difference: you retain ownership and give OpenPhoto access to use them. All photos, tags and comments are stored in your personal cloud accounts with companies like Amazon, Rackspace or Google. This means you can easily switch between OpenPhoto services, use more than one at a time or stop using them altogether while retaining all of your photos, tags and comments.

Parseme - A lightweight RSS/Atom feed reader for mobile and accessibility devices

parseMe is an extra light, browser-based, RSS/Atom feed reader you can use on truly any web-enabled device. The emphasis is on usability with small screen devices, with a usually much slower connection speed, and altogether universal access. The main targets are mobile phones, PDAs, speech-to-text-to-speech engines, etc. System Requirements: Server-side: HTTP server, PHP 5. Client-side: anything web-enabled. Note: at this time, the Google Code source repository is a backup tree synchronized at e

Activeowl - ActiveOWL extends OWL with annotations to invoke web services

Several proposals have been made to specify semantics to existing web services. A common approach in these proposals is that they try to specify the semantics of web services that were built a priori by making use of ontologies that were also specified a priori. We propose the construction of web services and ontologies altogether so that the arguments and results of a web service correspond to instances and properties of the ontology associated with that web service. We define the concept of Ac

Jaspr - JavaScript ActionScript Parser

This is a proof of concept ActionScript 2.0 parser written in JavaScript. It emulates Adobe Flash on the HTML5 canvas. Eventually, this could be extended to fully support the ActionScript core. The Adobe Flash IDE would still be used to create ActionScript that runs on canvas. A bigger goal would be to create an open source implementation of the Flash IDE, thus eliminating the need for Adobe Flash on the web altogether. In creating the demos, the majority of the code was taken verbatim from the

Scolorizer - Scons output customizer & colorizer

I Googled around for customized/colorized output using Scons, but found nothing relevant so I decided to make this little project inspired by Blender's excellent SConstruct. UPDATE 2009-11-20The project has been moved to GitHub and all future development will be done there. UPDATE 2009-01-11v0.2 arrived which is a major re-write, now builders don't get replaced altogether, and it is possible to colorize any custom builder. See the Getting Started Wiki page for more information. Without colorizer


Remember back the BBS days of the 80's and early 90's? TWClone is an open-source game based on the popular BBS game Trade Wars 2002 by Martech Software. Be prepared for something familiar, but altogether different and amazing.


reslog reverse-resolves IPs in Apache log files. The result can then be analyzed by another program, like Analog. You can think of it as a replacement of the Apache HostNameLookups directive, in the sense that it resolves client IPs altogether once a d

Yii-hrbac - Yii Hierarchical Role Based Access Control Module

Introduction: HRBAC -> Hierarchical Role Based Access Control 'Hrbac' module is an enhancement of Yii RBAC feature. It reduces the number of db queries when performing an access check Add conditions (boolean tests) to auth assignments and auth relationships Hopefully this is simpler than using bizrules and might help avoid bizrules altogether (so no php needed in database). It provides the UI to assign roles and manage the auth items. Quick and easy setup of route access control. Do not need to

Double-fanucci-ga - Yet Another Double Fanucci Calculator (YADFC) (tm)

Project Moving!I've decided to migrate the code for Yet Another Double Fanucci Calculator (tm) to BitBucket in an attempt to better evaluate their platform for other private ventures that I am undertaking. See: If you want to get involved in the development, just drop me a line and I'll add you to the list of developers. Status Update!I am leaving LoZ altogether since I do no appreciate how the game is being developed or run. This does NOT mean that t

Classbehaviours - ClassBehaviour is a javascript framework based on class-name parsing.

classBehaviours, the javascript framework based on class-name parsingWhat Does It Do?"ClassBehaviours" is a framework for simple scripted DHTML behaviours which are easily applied through the class-names in an HTML document. "ClassBehaviours" will scan every html-element in the page for certain keywords in the classnames and apply scripted behaviour accordingly. "ClassBehaviours" are formatted as jQuery plugins and can be implemented without writing a single line of code. Why Bother?Inline javas

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