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AlsaPlayer is a new type of PCM player. It is heavily multi-threaded and tries to excercise the ALSA library and driver quite a bit. It has some very interesting features unique to Linux/Unix players.



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DebEX Barebone 64bit

DebEX Barebone 64bit Linux Live DVD is based on Debian Jessie

Mucomp - Music player written in clojure

A browser-based (jQuery) music player with a server written in clojure. Uses alsaplayer to play music. The player uses heavily and was written as a fun project to learn clojure. The reasoning for the design can be found in the following blog posts 1, 2, 3 and 4 To run it, check out the source. You need to have JRE and alsaplayer installed. Then go to web/ and run Then connect with Emacs using slime and execute to first 3 things in load.clj. After that the web server is runn


Guile bindings for libalsaplayer, and a command line alsaplayer controller based on these bindings.

Pycopia - Collection of Python modules for developers of network tools and QA frameworks.

IntroductionA framework of frameworks for rapid application development in Python. It includes packages for XML and XHTML parsing and generating, SNMP manager, SMI query API, Cisco-style CLI framework, QA automation, program control, and more. Some assembly required. sub-projectsPycopia is divided up into a collection of sub-projects, each concentrating on a specific problem domain or category. The following lists the current set of sub-projects. pycopia-aidGeneral purpose objects that enhance P

eap - Emacs' AlsaPlayer - "Music Without Jolts"

Emacs' AlsaPlayer - "Music Without Jolts"

alsaplayer - Alsaplayer - CD/FLAC/MOD/MP3/Ogg/WAV player

Alsaplayer - CD/FLAC/MOD/MP3/Ogg/WAV player