Alpine Network

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The Alpine Network is a peer based application and network infrastructure designed for distributed resouce location, including file/data transfer. Alpine attempts to resolve the distributed search/sharing problem using an efficient messaging system.



Related Projects

Alpine-backup - rsync-based incremental backup tool

alpine-backup 0.62 released!alpine-backup is a small (160 line) rsync-based incremental backup tool written in PHP. It is designed primarily for network based backups and supports local backups, backups over SSH and backups over NWFS. Features Include: Incremental backups Simple configuration Flexibility Error Checking What's new in 0.62: Better delete algorithm No-change syncing Reporting tools Multi-item backups


The continuation of the Alpine email client from University of Washington.

Caftoulousecr - CAF Toulouse - Dernier CR

Liste des derniers compte-rendus émis sur le site du Club Alpin Français de Toulouse.

Clubalpinannecy - Projet pour le site internet du Club Alpin Français d'Annecy

Le projet pour le site internet du Club Alpin Français d'Annecy contient les données sur le site basé sur Joomla! : . un template . un composant Joomla! pour gérer les collectives

Paramrun - Easily pass command line parameters to shortcuts and applications

SOURCE WILL COME SOON! To install: just download and run the provided ParamRun.exe and it will automatically install to C:\\Program Files\\Param Run\\ along with a readme.txt Once you run the application, an option in the context menu (right click menu) will appear on EXE files, named "Run With Parameters." When you click this option, you will be prompted with an input box to enter your parameters. Type your parameters in, and click OK. Examples: Let's say you want to open Firefox's profile mana

Myadget - My theme

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <configmaps> <configmap type="Skin"> <meta name="title">Lakes and Streams</meta> <meta name="description">A different serene lake or stream every hour, repeating 12-hourly. Photos: Serenity River (public), White Water, Hidden Lake, St Marys Lake (public), Peaceful Lake, Blue Serenity, A Quiet Lake (public), An Autumn Evening in Canada, Peaceful Cove (public), Tahoe Alpine Meadow (public), Yosemite Meadow (public), Klamath Falls Oregon (public).</meta> <meta

Codenametaw - My First Public Team Fortress 2 Map.

CP_AfterDusk Map type: 5 CP Progress: b2c - final release (until I ever get back to mapping) Status: Done. Creator: ForgottenCake SteamID: TF2Maps: Change Log Beta 2c: - Several small fixes. Mostly non-visual. - Fixed beeing able to see inside the bases from the roof of the small houses. Middle CP - Added small health packs on the logs - Removed the medium heath pack under the CP - Changed th