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A collection of simple mac applications. For more information see the project website.



Related Projects

Bolzplatz 2006

Our current project is called quot;Bolzplatz 2006quot; (English title quot;Slam Soccer 2006quot;, French title quot;Coup de Fout 2006quot;). It's a freeware 3D-soccer-game in comic-style and a funny allusion to the World Cup 2006 in Germany.

B2cs - WebSit

in allusion to Holand.


An eclipse plugin for code coverage visualization of JUnit Tests. Especially useful for test-first development. Supported coverages include block coverage and all-uses coverage (Data Flow Analysis).

Cryptic Allusion DCDev

Cryptic Allusion Dreamcast-related development: KallistiOS, Ghetto Pong, etc.

S3python - A basic python interface to Amazon's S3 Service

A centralised set of python procedures/functions that may form the basis of a fully featured program utilising Amazon's S3 service. The source included is enough to complete the following functions: List All Buckets List Contents of an individual bucket Create Bucket Delete Empty Bucket Upload a file from the local filesystem into a specified bucket Download a file from a specified bucket either to stdout or the local filesystem Delete a file from a specified bucket Add and Remove the READ permi

Gdata-marketplace - Easy to use Ruby library providing client GData access to Marketplace vendors

We were working on a Marketplace integration for our rails application, and found scant resources for handling the Oauth and Gdata resources in Ruby without a lot of pain. A lot of information out there is out of date or targeted at consumer accounts, not Apps / Marketplace uses. This simple library is designed as convenience layer so that all you need to accomplish your user provisioning (and other sync points) is your Apps customer's domain name and your oauth consumer key and secret retrieved

Sphorm - Simple PHP ORM

Yet another PHP ORM project which wants to bring joy and fun to PHP Web developers. Quick startBasic domain class, saved as User.php class User extends Sphorm {\t// mapping\tstatic $mapping = array(\t\t'table' => 'users',\t\t'id' => array(\t\t\t'column'=> 'UserID',\t\t\t'generator' => 'auto'\t\t),\t\t'columns' => array(\t\t\t'name' => 'UserName',\t\t\t'age' => 'UserAge'\t\t)\t);\t\tpublic function __construct(array $init = array()) {\t\tparent::__construct($init);\t}}Your index.php or other scri


flabc is an editor that can be used for writing abc files. The prefix "fl" is an allusion to the FLTK programming library which is used by flabc.


ViewPathHint is a rails plugin that display views paths while you run these views inside the browser.