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Alligatorparty - University project with mobile devices

This is about to be the new mobile app killer!!! Pablo, Arcadio, Santi and Ruben are the men behind this amazing social network called Alligator. Sure you will here about it...

See-you-later - An entry in Pyweek #12

The is a game written in Python about a time-traveling alligator who is responsible for an increasing number of small babies.

Visual-lambda - Visual environment for manipulation the lambda calculus expressions

Visual Lambda Visual Lambda environment allows intuitive manipulation of lambda calculus expressions. Screenshot NotationBasics More detailed in this thesis visual_lambda.pdf Examples'MULT 3 2' evaluation '((λgm.m(gg))(λgm.m(gg)))M' building and evaluation 'Y I' evaluation Dependencepython 2.5+ pygame 1.8+ Runpython Interfacereadme.txt Related worksProgramming with Visual Expressions, Wayne Citrin A Graphical Notation for the Lambda Calculus, Dave Keenan Lambda Animator, Mike Th

Ploverfield - Remote rendering streamed onto a client

Announcements: 7/20 started building the X11 shit, very bare right now but I'm not going to commit yet because its fucking buggy. For those of you that are retarded I have included a makefile that will compile the shit. For now its a cheap single line g++, but from my experience, it will probably become a lot uglier. The idea behind this project is simple. Not all of us have supercomputers, not all of us have super graphics cards and octocores with a million gigs of RAM. Let's say you have to do

alligator - Custom STL allocators

Custom STL allocators


A simple alligator vocalization detector that computes range to target.

alligator - Web services for bioinformatics

Web services for bioinformatics

alligator-hdl - A set of peripherals following the whishbone spec

A set of peripherals following the whishbone spec

alligator - Simple offline task queues. For Python.

Simple offline task queues. For Python.