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AllegroGL is a small library intended to allow Allegro applications to use OpenGL in Unix, Windows, Mac OS X and DOS.



Related Projects

Sharpallegro - Sharp Allegro is meant to collect some C# wrappers around the Allegro library and rel

#AllegroSharp Allegro aim is to ease game development in C# by using well developed libraries such as Allegro, AllegroGL, MASkinG, and so on...Further infos available at:

AllegroGL Font amp; Text library

Text and font support for OpenGL + Allegro. This project has been merged into AllegroGL and is now depricated.


TA3D is a remake of Total Annihilation (a real time strategy game) in real 3D using OpenGl, Allegro(GL), for Windows linux (x86,x86_64)

Wrapall - Wrapper for game programming libraries

WrapAll is simple object oriented wrapper for some graphics, sound, stream or other libraries, such as Allegro, AllegroGL, OpenGL, LoadPNG etc. In fact it is an API for making 2D games. It should cover all used libraries under one simple API. I coded it only for my purposes at first but it has grown into bigger one and that I thought someone might consider it useful.

Gliso-editor - Editor de juegos multiplataforma basado en OpenGL

Gliso Game Editor es un proyecto de código abierto y multiplataforma que consiste en un motor y un editor para juegos 2D con soporte para gráficos isométricos. Características: Multiplataforma (Windows y Linux) Aceleración por hardware mediante OpenGL. Sistema de IA basado en órdenes, acciones, eventos y estados. Control de colisiones, tanto 2D como 3D para objetos isométricos. Cuatro vistas de cámara para escenas isométricas. Soporte de animaciones GIF y "strips" animados en PNG. El fo