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Allegory is a tool for electronic music. It consists of a small library of Haskell definitions that can be used to create, explore, and refine developmental/variation relationships between diverse sound materials. Csound required as realisation engine.



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Hunger - A cross-platform 3D first-person survival game within an allegorical setting

Our game is called HUNGER. It is being developed for the PC. The story of the game begins when your father, who is something like the spiritual leader of your tribe, dies suddenly. Before he is gone, however, he asks you to perform a mysterious deed - to water a dead tree in the center of the village everyday with water from the river's source, which lies far on the top of a mountain. Soon after, once your father is buried, a catastrophe happens and all the stores of food in the tribe are destro


FaceOSC and Unity3D for animating 'Allegory of the Spring'