Allegiance Modulus

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Modulus is a mod manager and distribution system build specifically for Microsoft Allegiance. It allows users to contribute their own mods to this website which, once approved, appear in every users available mod list.



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Free Allegiance

Allegiance is a free, online, multi-player space simulation game. You pilot spacecraft, flying in a team with other players, defending and attacking sectors in space. Allegiance challenges your tactical ingenuity, your ability to function in a team and your prowess at blowing ...

Fleetcommand - Allegiance - Weekend Coding Projects

The fleet command image generator project is now defunct. Instead, this project space is a repository for other Allegiance related projects. Current project: End Game XML Score Parser/Reporterto obtain the latest version of the current project: svn checkout fleetcommand-read-onlythis is deprecated info related to the old image generator project The idea is that once we have a game map structured we can take that map and turn it into

Mdlthing - Free Allegiance Zone MDLThing

Allegiance Zone tool automates creation of text based MDL Artwork files. Create batches of MDL files from standard PNG images which can then be used as artwork assets in the game Free Allegiance

Starkingdom - Control a house after the heirless Emporers death creates a power vacuum.

A turn based strategy game where the objective is to win, although not necessarily through military means. After the death of the Emperor, the royal houses are now attempting to claim the throne, fighting amongst themselves and vying for the allegiance of other systems and minor houses. Currently in the design and groundwork phase.

Mdlutility2 - Free Allegiance MDL Utility artwork browser

DownloadMDL Utility 2A 2D and 3D file viewer for displaying custom file formats used in the online game FreeAllegiance. Supports 3D Model and 2D Texture .MDL files. Uses C# and WPF for rendering 3D Models. With WPF 3D is easy even if you must handle custom file formats. It can read: Model.mdl file (New) bmp.mdl 16bit/24bit (now inspects as well) textbased bmp.mdl (using all ImportImage methods and inspects) .png .jpg .bmp .emf .exif .gif .ico .tiff .wmf Does not save to any mdl formats. Can batc

Alleg-ase - Allegiance Scripting Engine

Alliance Scripting Engine This is a placeholder project. Drafts and design otw. Project will begin late august.

Austris - Tetris .net with WPF

This is a simple tetris clone. Game is over when any part of one of your pieces is above the checkered gray background, and cannot go down. When the game is over, it will ask you to enter your name. Its BETA quality software, so if you find a bug, feel free to let me know. Download Download The keys to play are: Rotate Left( 1 ) Rotate Right( 2 ) Slide Left( LeftArrow ) Slide Right( RightArrow ) Drop One Line( DownArrow ) Drop To Bottom ( UpArrow ) Pause/New Game ( Right Click Mouse ) Pause ( Sp

Shandor-xul - XUL interface toolkit with renderers for SWT, Swing and GWT

Update [2009-04-07]Sorry for the delay in posting Shandor. We've been adding so many features during the week that it takes me half the weekend to update the Shandor codebase! The good news is that the GWT implementation is a lot more "baked" and supports all of the core functionality and a good number of the widgets. Update [2008-12-21]We're almost ready to release Pentaho Xul as Shandor! The GWT implementation is now complete with Bindings. I'm working to unify the API in light of the asynchro

allegf1 - F1 documentation repository for Allegiance

F1 documentation repository for Allegiance


F1 documentation repository for Allegiance