Alex the Allegator

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Alex the Allegator is a series of games featuring everything from puzzle games to racing and platform jump n runs. The Alex games are provided with full source and are buildable on every platform that Allegro supports.



Related Projects

Tegel, a tilemapping add-on for allegro

quot;Tegelquot; is an add-on for Allegro ( for drawing and handling layered tilemaps. The package contains an editor and a playback library in C. There is support for multiple layers, rotated and/or animated tilemaps.

Allegrosb - porting the allegro game engine open source code to symbian os

1. allegro project site: 2. porting the allegro version to symbian 3.0

Arc4-js - Javascript ARC4 (Alleged RC4) unicode stream cipher

This is ARC4 (Alleged RC4) written in Javascript for handling unicode string with cached key. During the encryption process, a secret message (Unicode string, in any language) is processed and a string represented by hexadecimal numbers is generated as output. During the decryption process, the string represented by hexadecimal required to reveal the original string. UpdateVersion r4 has been launched already. FeaturesWritten in Javascript: You can use it as server side as well as client side to


Provide a alternative to .FLC with Allegro. It load a datafile or an AVI file and play the movie. Sound PCM uncompressed supported

Tranche-net - tranche - A DSL for Modeling Structured Finance Products

New to tranche? See the Getting Started wiki. The tranche programming language is a domain-specific language developed to aid in the modeling of structured financial products and the forecasting of their cash flows. It is notably (and by design) non-Turing complete, and is named after the eponymous pieces of structured finance transactions. is the initial compiler built to implement of the tranche language. It it written in C# 4.0 using the gplex and gppg lexer- and parser-generator

Virtualglobalwar - Virtual Global War

A project of Augmented Reality, Social Network and Video Game. The story unfolds in an alleged war world in which borders and begin to change the players according to their geographical location belong to one camp or another.

Uschiframe - A JavaScript to illustrate the dangers of web site blockings as proposed by the German

The German government is preparing legislation that will force ISPs to block access to all sites on a secret blacklist maintained by the government itself. Even the attempt of accessing a blacklisted site may lead to investigation and criminal charges. Although this legislation is currently being prepared under the pretext of preventing child pornography, politicians, officials and lobbyists alike have already demanded that other contents—such as gambling sites, file sharing sites or sites wit

Ae-rails-plugins - Alleged Entertainment's plugins for Ruby on Rails

This project contains several plugins for Ruby on Rails applications developed by Alleged Entertainment. Specifically: ae_forms - a simple form builder that uses a tableless, CSS-based layout ae_users - a full-featured user authentication and authorization system using Rails Engines jipe - Jester In Place Editing controls (replacements for the Rails in-place editors using the Jester JS library)


AllegSnow is a C++ implementation of Falling Sand game using Allegro. It is in the very earliest stages of development.


Proyecto sobre un curso de programacioacute;n de videojuegos en Allegro y C++. El objetivo del curso es enseńar las teacute;cnicas para el desarrollo de videojuegos bajo el enfoque de actores en un marco de trabajo (FrameWork). Ademaacute;s del curso se desarrolla allegFra