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Convert any disk image format to ISO. Actually it can only convert from BIN. Any help is appreciated.



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LibreOffice - The Document foundation

LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. LibreOffice is the perfect choice for home users, businesses, government and other organizations. It's native file format is the ISO standardized ODF (Open Document Format), but LibreOffice can open and save Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, as well as many other formats, bringing you the widest-available compatibility with other products.

Go-charset - Character set conversion for Go

A port of inferno's convcs for Go, which supports conversion to and from utf-8 for the following character sets: big5 ibm437 ibm850 ibm866 iso-8859-1 iso-8859-10 iso-8859-15 iso-8859-2 iso-8859-3 iso-8859-4 iso-8859-5 iso-8859-6 iso-8859-7 iso-8859-8 iso-8859-9 koi8-r utf-16 utf-16be utf-16le utf-8 windows-1250 windows-1251 windows-1252 This project also includes an extra package which links to the GNU iconv library and adds all the character sets available from it. See http://gopkgdoc.appspot.c

PBX in a Flash

Longing for the good old days of Asterisk@Home? Welcome back to the steroid-enhanced version. PBX in a Flash 2.0 is the latest Lean, Mean Asterisk Machine, a high-performance, turnkey Asterisk PBX that's easy to upgrade. Features include CentOS 6.4 and your choice of Asterisk 1.8, 10, or 11 with FreePBX 2.9, 2.10, or 2.11. All versions include Google Voice for free calling throughout the U.S. and Canada at least through the end of 2013. 32-bit and 64-bit ISOs are available for download as

Openiso8583net - ISO 8583 Message Builder

OpenIso8583.Net is an ISO8583 message builder for .Net 2.0. It is based off the ISO 8583 Revision 87 and the aim of the project is to create a base message builder that is extensible, powerful and easy to use in your system. I have kept the project compatible with .Net 2.0 so it can be used across a range of projects. The base Iso8583 class has been designed to be extended very easily. That is where the power of the project comes from. InstallingYou can either use the NuGet package or download t

Django-countries - World Countries or Django projects

Django CountriesNice little application for Django projects providing fixtures and models for a "complete" list of world countries and US states. Also throwing in a small template filter for getting country flags by ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. InstallationJust check out the latest source and copy countries into your django site directory: svn checkout django-countriesadd countries to the list of installed apps and run syncdb and you're good

Checkdigits - Check digits (or characters) are a 'checksum' on a number or word to help prev

Check digits (or characters) are a 'checksum' on a number or word to help prevent manual typing errors. This was originally based from Cryptography for Internet and Database Applications, pp 221-229. This projects provides examples and source in both java and javacript. Check digits (or characters) are a 'checksum' on a number or word to help prevent manual typing errors. They are not used for long or binary data sets. They are not hashes, nor cryptographic. They do not do error correction. They

Ccy - python module for currencies

A useful python module for currencies. Not all currencies in the world are supported yet. You are welcome to join and add more. The module compile a dictionary of currency objects containing information useful in financial analysis. The module depends on pytz the Olson tz database for Python. For downloads goto the Python package index Any comments are welcome. Installingeasy_install ccyor pip install ccyor download, uncompress and type python installRu

Mousepatcher 2.0

Mousepatcher 2.0 makes it even easier to patch ISO images with correct SS version 2 data. With the autopatch function, all you have to do is drag and drop the ISO image into the program. You'll no longer have to track down SSv2 files on the internet beforehand!

Django-freedb - Freedb implementation with django

Note: This is not a complete freedb application! django-freedb is just some experimental lines of code that have one class model set and one script to import from freedb files format to django/python database. Use At Your Own Risk Install Instructions1. Checkout code $ svn checkout django-freedb2. Create databases $ cd django-freedb$ ./ syncdb3. Import data from some freedb files $ python util/ -d freedb/examples/You can see th

M25cfw - Alternative firmware to Sony Playstation Portableâ„¢

AVISO: En estos momentos no se subirá el cfw, hasta que sea permanente en 6.60 **Text in English**M25 Firmware is a Alternative Firmware for Playstation Portable™. Supported Kernel and Hardware Revisions5.50 {1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, 7g, 9g} 6.20 {1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g} 6.3x {1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, 7g, 9g} Main featuresHomebrew Compatibility: Run your own unsigned applications, both user and kernel mode. Support for plugins in: XMB (VSH), games / homebrews (GAME) and PSX games (POPS). ISO / CSO Game Dum