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Notsobad - collection of my code

Not so bad !It is a collection of my own code It is NOT a real project You can use the code at you own risk Browser the code All aboutWeb Django js Linux Shell C Python XMLRpc Spider Doc reStructuredText DocBook

Pygtrans - make use of google translator from python

Modual for using google translate service and dbus interface for service. All code is in python. Please test my code, improve, tell me how to code better via email. Documentation currently in doc strings. Thanks.

Sharp2word - C#-to-Word Generator: Creates Microsoft Word Documents from C# code without using any c

Table of ContentTable of ContentIntroductionWhen to UseWhen to NOT useSharp2Word is Simple Like ThisDependenciesAll-in-one Example - See everything you can do with Sharp2WordCreating a New Word ElementTemplates with Sharp2WordI Want to Help and Become a CommitterFuture Implementations (to-do list)I Want to Suggest SomethingI want to Report a BugDocumentation IntroductionSharp2Word is Word 2003 XML Documents Generator from C# code without any components or libraries. This is a port of Java2word l

Gdocexplorer - mount gdoc and/or picasa web albums in linux

Mount gDocs and picasa webspace in linux. Copy, delete, move, ... all kind of supported files. Currently developing under ubuntu 10.04 in my spare time. However, if this project is successful i'm planning to port the whole project to windows.

Javadoc-search-engine - Search and view java documentation in your local machine

I believe we all need to take help from javadoc. Easiest way is to visit the oracle website. But why should I do that when I have javadoc installed in my PC! So, I used to go to the javadoc location: "/usr/share/doc/openjdk-6-doc/" and find the doc file. But that location is too far! Moreover, you need to know the package names to find the class you are looking for. So I decided to write a program that will help me to quick find the javadoc of a class. I tested my app in Ubuntu 10.10. However, i

Stefanvd - Windows and Google Desktop Gadgets by Stefan vd

Welcome Here all my Open Source gadgets. And my doc and code. If you see a issue (a bug) on one of my Google Gadget or Windows Gadget please report this on the 'Issues' page. Populare Google Gadget of Stefan gadget: Fast Shutdown, Office Tools, Windows Dock, Date Today, Hard Disk, CPU Check and Memory Check. Populare Windows Gadget of Stefan gadget: Artesis Clock, Stad A Hard Disk, VTM The News video. If you got a idea to add in a existing or new gadget, say it! (place it on the 'Issues' page)

Send-to-docs-chrome - Send to Google Docs Chrome Extension

Send to Google Docs Chrome ExtensionThis project is a simple extension whose purpose is to make it easy to save any public web page to your Google Docs. HTML to PDF conversion is done through a web service provided by pdfcrowd. Download/InstallInstall at the extension website: FeaturesVery Simple 2 click process Supports Google Apps Accounts Default pdfcrowd options require no pdfcrowd account Save entire page as one lo

Simple-crud-application - Simple CRUD Application

Simple CRUD is just simple (there's no complex business rule). Simple CRUD - CodeIgniterRequirements:Web Server (Apache) PHP MySql Steps to run:extract "Simple CRUD" to your www folder set your base site url at CodeIgniter/system/application/config/config.php set your database connection properties at CodeIgniter/system/application/config/config.php run script at CodeIgniter/docs/ddl_dml.sql that's all... Simple CRUD - SpringMVC & Hibernate3Requirements:Netbeans 6.5 Application S

Phpquery - phpQuery - jQuery port to PHP

phpQuery - pq();phpQuery is a server-side, chainable, CSS3 selector driven Document Object Model (DOM) API based on jQuery JavaScript Library. Library is written in PHP5 and provides additional Command Line Interface (CLI). PEAR installationpear channel-discover pear install phpquery/phpQuery GitHubFork & pull request: DownloadAvailable packages (rss) Release notes Bugs: active / fixed Dependencies SVN checkout ManualBasics Ported jQue

Openxmllib - Processing OpenXML documents with Python

Aboutopenxmllib provides resources to handle OpenXML documents from Python. OpenXML is the new office document format supported natively by MS Office 2007, and as import/export format by Apple iWork'08 and OpenOffice 2.2. OpenXML is defined in the ECMA-376 standard. openxmllib runs on any platform that supports Python 2.4, 2.5 or 2.6 and the lxml Python library. New with openxmllib 1.0.7zc.buildout friend See more details here. FeaturesExtract indexable text from an OpenXML document. Extract met