A. L. I. C. E. and AIML

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ALICE utilizes AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) to form responses to your questions and inputs. Unlike other commercial chat robot software costing thousands of dollars, ALICE is freely available under the terms of the GNU Public License




Related Projects

J-Alice C++ AI AIML Bot/Server

J-Alice is a C++ implementation of an Alicebot clone. It can chat on console, irc and function as a mini-http server. Currently it runs on Linux, BeOS, Windows and Solaris with equal functionality.

AIML-Verbot Converter

AIML Verbot Converter - Converts AIML files to Verbot KnowledgeBase (VKB) files. Visit http://www.verbots.com/ and http://www.alicebot.org to learn more about AIML and Verbots. Implemented in C# (.NET).

Aiml-en-us-foundation-fakekirk - AIML contents for the Fake Captain Kirk Bot

Pandorabots Spellbinder scanned publicly available fan-compiled transcripts of 72 episodes of the original Star Trek TV series. In those 72 episodes, Captain Kirk has about 9000 lines of dialog. Pandorabots Spellbinder read these lines and created a Fake Captain Kirk chat bot with about 2000 unique categories and 6000 responses (a category is the basic unit of knowledge). The AI Foundation has published this parody characters through this link: http://alicebot.org/kirkbot

Rebbot - Rebol Robot

This is scripts for rebol robotics, with the spirits of lightweight programming. Project open source ini terinspirasi dari http://www.leafproject.org. Robot ini di tulis ulang dengan bahasa pemrograman REBOL (http://www.rebol.com). Untuk mengejar kesederhanaan dan kemudahan. Fasilitas RobotPenglihatan - menggunakan opencv sebagai interface. dapat membedakan blob, manusia, dan gerakan. Visual Landmarking. Pendengaran - menggunakan MS Speech SDK (5.1) sebagai interface komunikasi dengan Manusia. G

Roya - RoYa is an instant messaging robot server. This software provides automatic response to IM qu

RoYa is an instant messaging robot server. This software provides automatic response to IM questions in an interactive fashion as a human would respond would interact with IM users. In effect, RoYa behaves as an instance of a IM client to the IM services such as Yahoo IM. RoYa is a multitasking component that is designed to create and handle simultanious IM sessions for different Robot-IDs. This component enables programmming and configuration through plug-in DLL and Python script. RoYa is also

Pidgin-plugin-dbus-reply-robot-guru - a dbus plugin for fun ( autoreply robot based on key-value sto

Guru is a simple robot pidgin plug-in based on dbus interface. It consists of a key-value storage and an aiml engine provided by PyAIML. Copyright (C) 2011 maple (maple@maplef.net) ABOUT GURU guru is a conversational robot -- a computer program you can talk to. guru has only been test under ubuntu 10.04 + pidigin 2.7.11. GET STARTED (Source distribution) 1. Unzip the archive (you've done that). 2. Edit the guru.ini file to customize your own bot. 3. run "guru.py" in the main guru directory. ACKN