Alchemist and Korg Triton Tools

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ALCHEMIST is a Korg Trinity to Triton PCG and SNG converter. KORGLIB is a set of C libraries to access Trinity, Triton and Z1 PCG/SNG data.



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Alchemists-sudoku - FCT Alchemists Side Project - Sudoku

Opportunity for the team to famliarise themselves with Java development on Google App Engine by developing a Sudoku application Project Scope and Requirements


OpenAlchemist is a new game project developped with C++ language and Clanlib framework. Our goal is to reimplement the game with free softwares and with free licenses (GNU GPL for code and Creative Commons for graphics).

Ro-rail-gui - A graphical user interface to configure Rampage AI Lite

Rampage AI Lite GUI is a graphical interface to monitor and configure the Rampage AI Lite script. For more information about Rampage AI Lite, please visit

Everwar - Browser Based MMORPG

Isle of Everwar is designed to be a completely custom online RPG people can play in their browser. It includes an editor so that each deployment can be a unique world, with unique NPCs, monsters and quests. In Isle of Everwar, there are no player levels, and no XP. What your characters do impacts their basic statistics, and your statistics are all that limit your choices of expertise. If you want to be a Rogue Alchemist Mage, or Merchant Priest Assassin, so be it. Just get those stats up through

Evolving Universe

Evolving Universe (EU) is a planned Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MORPG) created by the Bit Alchemists, telling the story of mankind and its development into space. Visit for more information

alchemist - Ruby conversions like you've never seen them before

Ruby conversions like you've never seen them before

Zope-alchemist - Zope and SQLAlchemy Integration

Provides a series of python packages of zope components for using relationally stored data. These packages try to mirror most of the common primitives in zope used against persistent objects. Additional packages also provide support for Plone and Zope2 primitives. Features - - includes zope3 sqlalchemy database and session transaction integration. - automatic sqlalchemy session management - bidirectional schema transformation, from zope3 schemas to sqlalchemy, and from sqlalchemy tables to zope3

Pyrail - A wx toolset for RO-RAIL State file manipulation

A wx RO-RAIL toolset written in python. See for RAIL If you have python and wx installed, you simply need Double click to run. (Provided upon request; most users will want the stand alone executable). If you are using the Windows Standalone Version, download the executable to a folder of your choosing and run pyRO-RAIL_vXXX_X.exe. Versioning: This project builds off of RO-RAIL, a lightweight, ultra efficient AI which is still under heavy development