Spring ASP.NET Demonstration Application

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Spring ASP.NET, Dependency Injection, ADO.NET, Data Binding




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Philipsphotoframemanager - Manager class for Philips 8FF3WMI/00 written in Java

DescriptionThis package adds simple methods to upload images and files to Philips 8FF3WMI/00 digital photoframe. Includes also ability to create, rename and delete directories and files. This library is build using JDK 1.6. UsageTo use this class add .jar file to project and import clause: import fi.uta.cs.tauchi.philipsphotoframemanager.PhilipsPhotoFrameManager;Then in code create new instance and pass photo frames IP address in constructor. For example if photoframe ip is PhilipsP

album-manager - it’s not real application

it’s not real application

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This is just a demo RoR app