Album Art Downloader

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The Album Art Downloader is a program designed to make life easier for anyone who wishes to find and update their album art for their music collection. The sources for the pictures can be defined by creating plugin scripts.



Related Projects

Create CoverSearch

Create CoverSearch is a lightweight application to download album art for musical library. Simply point it to your music directory, and it will list all folders missing covers, then search Amazon and Yahoo to let you choose the best fitting one.

Automatic Cover Tool

The 'Automatic Cover Tool' software will process your MP3, OGG and FLAC files collection and download missed cover images. Album art images are downloaded and saved as image file and/or as image tag in every MP3, OGG and FLAC file in album.


AutoLyrix: The open-source lyrics, artwork (AlbumArt) and SyncLyrics searcher. It auto-downloads the lyric/albumart for the song that you are listening! Supported Players: WinAmp,WMPlayer,iTunes,MediaMonkey and more! Visit:


Fennec is a high quality (64-bit) media player/converter. With batch converting, joining, ripping, tag editing + multichannel support, media library, skins, DSP effects, visualizations, multi-channel equalizer and a completely new slide based interface... It can play/convert nearly 100 media file formats (inc. ogg, flac, mp3, mpc, mp4, flv, ape, wv...). Additional features including: automatic album art detection, media library, media file browser, quick search...

ID3.NET MP3 Tagging Library

ID3.NET is a set of libraries for reading, modifying and writing ID3 and Lyrics3 tags in MP3 audio files. The core library is a portable class library compatible with the .NET Framework 4 and higher, Silverlight 4 and higher, Windows Phone 7.5 and .NET for Metro style apps. It also contains non-portable libraries that provide additional platform-specific support. ID3.NET also provides an extensible metadata discovery framework that can discover specific ID3 frame data (like album art, lyri

Cdcovers - Hosting of CD Album Arts for use in iTunes

Users can upload their scanned album arts to share with everyone. Anyone can download the image and use as an iTunes album art.

Albumartupdater - Updating album art in mp3

Download and update album art in mp3 files using

Fofbrainz - Fetch album art from the MusicBrainz database for Frets on Fire

This is a simple utility written in C# that looks for songs in your Frets on Fire database that do not have album art ("labels"). For these songs, it connects to the MusicBrainz online database and retrieves album art.

Windows-itunes-album-art-importer - Import music with album art into iTunes on Windows

iTunes album art importer for WindowsA command line script that imports music and album art into iTunes on Windows. usage: import_to_itunes.bat [-s] [-d directory] [-rd directory] [-r directory] [-rr directory] -s

Coverfm - - top arts collector is a small GAE-application, that grabs your favourite albums arts from and combines them all in one image.