Coding-Game-Intro - Coding Introduction / Tutorial, mostly by writing small little fun games

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This is somewhat a coding tutorial / introduction.The best way to learn to code is of course just to actually code.The most fun way to start coding is by writing small little games.This repository contains various resources for doing exactly that.(It's mostly a work-in-progress at the moment. Just look around what's already there. It might already be helpful.)Coding games actually covers a lot of topics, like AI, cross-platform, low-level, graphics, audio, networking, and more.[Read here why game development is a great learning playground.]( some little coding knowledge, it also makes sense to take existing Open Source games as a base.You can either join their team, or just take the code and extend it for yourself.In any case, the project team people will most likely be very happy to introduce you to their code and help you to extend it by some fun idea of you.



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