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Albatross framework. We are still working on the documentation, more details will be available soon.



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Tystreamer - Stream video from TiVo and/or from files on your computer to your LAN or internet on th

TyStreamer is now ALBATROSS! Albatross is a proxy server which pulls programs from your TiVo and re-streams them to the client at a lower bit-rate so that it can be viewed in real-time over bandwidth-challenged network connections, such as 802.11b or the internet. It does this by using VideoLAN Client and a patched version of vstream-client to re-encode the video in real-time and stream it to the client as Flash Video. TyStreamer has been tested on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), but assumed to work on L

Peggle-edit - A level editor for Peggle

Latest News:3 July 2011Version 0.4.3 (Buzzard) has been released. Download it now and uses the issues page to report any bugs or request any features. Alternatively you can contact IntelOrca. See GettingStarted for instructions and further help. 14 June 2011There is a big change between version 0.3 (Albatross) and 0.4 (Buzzard) with many changes including an IDE feel to the editor and nearly incorporates all the features used in the original levels by PopCap including emitters. A public release

Elastras - An Elastic Transactional Data Store for the Cloud

Elastras is a research project to design an Elastic Transactional Data Store for a Cloud Computing environment. Refer to the following papers for a high level overview. Sudipto Das, Divyakant Agrawal, Amr El Abbadi, "ElasTraS: An Elastic Transactional Data Store in the Cloud", In USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing (HotCloud '09), in conjunction with USENIX Annual Technical Conference '09. And to the following paper for a detailed system design. Sudipto Das, Shashank Agarwal, Divyak

Sampling-social-graphs - robust and effective vertex sampling for social graphs

Sampling Social GraphsUnderstanding Graph Sampling Algorithms for Social Network AnalysisBeing able to keep the graph scale small while capturing the properties of the original social graph, graph sampling provides an ef�cient, yet inexpensive solution for social network analysis. The challenge is how to create a small, but representative sample out of the massive social graph with millions or even billions of nodes. Several sampling algorithms have been proposed in previous studies, but there

albatross - Albatross Chat Program/Protocol

Albatross Chat Program/Protocol

albatross-old - source for

source for

capatross - capistrano plugin for albatross deploy logging

capistrano plugin for albatross deploy logging


Albatross is an iOS client for the Calepin blogging platform.