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The free alternative to albumwrap.This tool wraps a set of mp3 files into a single mp3 album, for ease of sharing on WinMx and similar programs. You can then extract the tracks back again.



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Cirruxcache - Dynamic HTTP caching on AppEngine (CDN like)

CirruxCache provides a software solution to dynamically cache HTTP objects on Google Appengine (using the Datastore and the Memcache services). This application implements several features usually provided by professional CDN solutions, such as: honor Cache-Control cache TTL override several POP (Point Of Presence) configuration mapped on custom base-url ignore query string POST forwarding garbage collection of expired entries extensibility (develops your own WebServices on top) allow object flu

Ares-if - An interactive fiction game

You are part of the European Mars mission Aurora in 2033 to explore the Alba Patera volcano. Soon you discover that the red planet holds a dark secret of human civilization. This version is now in open beta stage.

Giggio58 - il mio tema

Panorama Dall'Alba al tramonto

Lenafororbis - Legacy of Erebus: Nuova Alba (LENA); A mod for Orbis focused on diversity and on givi

Briefly: What's this? This is a modmod for Orbis. With it, my aim is to expand the leaders: adding some more, tweaking the others. Tweaks will change traits (some new ones added) and enhance the leaders' personality in order to differentiate each other more than now. Be aware that even though the name is friggin' cool, it will be refered to as "LENA". Longer: Why? It all began with the MinorLeaders modmod by Notque. Seeing it made me want to add my own "minor" leaders which, beyond being off-can

Albastryde - general statistics presentation site for governments

ALBAstryde takes it name in part from the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), a modern socialist exchange network between Latin American countries. The second part of the name is linked to its historic roots, the Cyberstryde-network which was the software behind Cybersyn, the cybernetic network which was set up under Salvador Allende in Chile 1971-73 to make information about industrial production instantly available to workers and government. ALBAstryde is being developed to be firs

Fontidguide - Font Identification Guide

A showcase of widely-used fonts. Firstly, certain glyphs of each font are displayed in big letters. These glyphs reflect the key characteristics of a font and thus can be used for its identification. Secondly, basic characters are displayed in medium size. Ligatures, oldstyle figures and smallcaps are tested (when available). A short lorem ipsum is provided in normal print size. The book also contains 3 comprehensive indexes (Classification, Glyph detail and Highlight). On the left: latest versi

alba - prueba


arrozalba.openobject - Modules of development of arroz del alba

Modules of development of arroz del alba