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Alan is a Java Implenmentation of a Turing Machine for educational purpose. Features include: - Easy to use GUI - Many example Programs - ReUsable Turing Machine Component



Related Projects

Pilot Manager

PilotManager is an extensible perl-tk-based tool for synchronizing databases on a PalmOS-based PDA with a Unix desktop. Written by Bharat Mediratta (and later, Alan Harder) of Sun, it has been in use by the Unix/Linux/BSD communities for years.


A grid view for iPhone/iPad, designed to look similar to NSCollectionView.


A toolkit consisting of a bunch of generally useful routines and extensions I wrote when putting together other projects.

Locarrao-de-ovo - Trabalho 01 de POO

Componentes: Leonardo Costa Maciel Matheus Ribeiro Fernando Andrade Vale Alan Carvalho Neves

Nave-projeto-2010-3003-02 - Grupo Worms

Componentes: Alex Silva, Alan Jones, Eduardo Rangel, Higor, Thiago Lima Turma: 3003

Worms3003 - Grupo Worms da Turma 3003

Membros do Grupo: Alex Silva, Alan Jones, Eduardo Rangel, Islaine Araújo e Rafael Félix

Cosc480-compiler-project - Seans' Compiler project for COSC 480, SMCM

Core project for Alan Jamieson's Compiler Design class, COSC 480, at SMCM. This particular project is the work of Sean Ross and Sean Goerling.

Flaquimica - proyecto de trabajo terminal

proyecto de trabajo terminal de Alan Osorio para su titulación como ingeniero en sistemas computacionales por parte de la ESCOM

Tp-ia-jogodamas - Trabalho de IA - Implementação de estratégias para Damas

Trabalho de IA - Implementação de estratégias para Damas Por Fernando Tavares e Alan Cardoso

Pyscottfree - PyScottFree - A Scott Adams game driver in Python

PyScottFree is a Python program to run Scott Adams databases used primarily by Adventure International and Brian Howarth. The original version was written in C by Alan Cox. The current version was translated from C into Python by Jon Ruttan.