ala, A Programming Language

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ala, A Programming Language



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A super awesome, customizable text input supporting tags, autocomplete, ajax and other goodness in a crazy cool a-la cart way.

PiTiVi - Movie editor for Linux desktop

PiTiVi is designed to be a simple video editor to meet the needs of users in the GNOME desktop environment. PiTiVi inherits its capabilities for importing and exporting (rendering) media from the GStreamer framework, or plugins for the GStreamer framework. PiTiVi supports simple media editing capabilities such as trimming, snapping, splitting and cutting of clips. Audio mixing is supported by curves, visualised as line segments drawn over an audio waveform.

SambaPOS - Touch Screen Restaurant POS

SambaPOS is a touchscreen Restaurant POS Software. It supports Caller ID supported Delivery, Fast food and A-la Carte departments, Handheld support with RDP, Currently supports English and Turkish languages.


Migrations for PHP ala ActiveRecord Migrations with support for MySQL & Postgres

Alagazetteer - ALA Gazetteer Service

This system will provide the Gazetteer functions to the ALA Spatial Portal and othe ALA Systems

Ala-hubs - Atlas of Living Australia - Hubs

Atlas of Living Australia Hubs Support ArchitectureALA Hubs is a Spring MVC web application that is designed to be customised and themed for use by ALA partner "hubs". It allows for searching and displaying of biodiversity data made accessible through ALA's service layer.

Alageospatialportal - ALA Spatial Team Projects

ALA SpatialThis site houses code for several ALA Spatial projects ALA Spatial PortalThe ALA Spatial Portal is developed to provide a discovery and visualisation tool for data held by the ALA. The project is based on the IMOS Ocean Portal code. Code for the project is listed under webportal in the Subversion repository ALA Spatial AnalysisThe ALA Spatial Analysis provides analysis techniques to the ALA Spatial Portal as well as operate as standalone services. Custom tools will be used in conjunct

Ala-workforce - Online app to collect data on taxonomic workforce participation

To support the Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) Survey of Australian Taxonomic Workforce