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ajile: Advanced JavaScript Importing amp; Loading Extension allows developers to easily create unique namespaces for JavaScript modules and quickly define dependencies that allow scripts to automatically load and import each other as needed.




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Xbee4cdc - A port of Andrew Rapp's xbee-api to Java CDC

This project is a port of Andrew Rapp's excellent xbee-api project. The project is a rewrite of some code in order to comply with the Java CDC run-time (essentially a downgrade to Java 1.4). xbee4cdc uses the log4j logging library. aJile Systems provides a CDC compatible version available here. Here is an image of an XBee Series 1 module attached to an aJile aJ200-MEK communicating with the same type of module attached to an XBee dev board.

Libs4cdc - Libraries commonly used in open source projects, ported or compiled for Java CDC.

libs4cdc consists of various useful libraries as well as various libraries commonly used in open source projects (ported/compiled for Java CDC) all tested on aJile Systems' Java chips. Useful Libraries: jamod (Modbus library) smack4cdc (XMPP library) xbee4cdc (XBee/ZigBee library) Common Libraries: lib4j (Logging library)


JSPackaging is a JavaScript framework that provides simple directives for defining, loading amp; importing uniquely named packages of JavaScript modules. UPDATE: This project now exists as Ajile at http://sf.net/projects/ajile amp; http://ajile.iskitz.com.

Smack4cdc - A port of Ignite Realtime's Smack API for Java CDC

Ignite Realtime's Smack API (an XMPP client library) ported to run on the Java CDC run-time and aJile Systems' Java chips. The project is a rewrite of some code in order to comply with the Java CDC run-time (essentially a downgrade to Java 1.4), additionally some libraries have been substituted. smack4cdc dependencies: JRegex (version 1.2_01) as a substitute for the java.util.regex API. Bouncy Castle JCE (with provider and lightweight API) for J2ME (lcrypto-j2me-145.zip) backport-util-concurrent

Squilla - Reusable, Powerful, Embedded Pure Java/OSGi Platform

Overview Squilla project is dedicated to creating common reusable API frameworks for Java, especially for Java ME(Embedded)/OSGi. Main goal is, USB Standard Class drivers using JSR-080. (HID, MSD, UVC, etc...) USB Peripheral-side(non-Host) API. USB On-The-Go management. Device management. Manage USB, ZigBee, Bluetooth Devices. API for low-level interfaces such as I2C, SPI, UART, JTAG. All services are worked on OSGi framework. "Pure Java" Storage management, file system implementation. ZigBee re

Ajile-carousel - JQuery Plugin. Quickly Build a Custom Carousel Using Many Built-In Transitions &amp

Ajile Carousel. Quickly Build a Custom Carousel Using Many Built-In Transitions & Easing Types. Include JQuery UI to enable a wide range of transition types and easing methods.

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