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AjaxRequest is a JavaScript class designed to make dealing with XMLHttpRequests (or the IE versions thereof) simplier.




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Ajax-request - AJAXRequest是一个轻é‡�级的AJAX应用程åº�å¼€å�‘框架,兼容主æµ�æµ�览器å

AJAXRequest是一个轻�级的AJAX应用程�开�框架,兼容主��览器如 Firefox�IE�Opera�Safari 等,�以方便地进行一些AJAX中�常需�用到的�作,从而简化开�步骤,�少��代�编写�。 AJAXRequest 主页http://apps.xujiwei.com/ajaxrequest

Fileuploadarea - Multiple drag and drop file upload jQuery plugin

Uses the new File API supported by Firefox 3.6. Enables you to target any html element and turn it into a hotspot for receiving files from the file explorer! Each file will be sent as a binary AJAX-request with customizable GET params. Includes support for callbacks to track the progress and completion of the file.

Pretextjs - Inline editing extension for prototype.js

Provide full featured, extensible, and customizable inline editing functionality for use with the prototype.js library. Current features: Support for <input>,<textarea>,<select> entities Automatic or manual server side update requests via prototype.js Ajax.Request Undo and Redo functionality Simple syntax

Nomishop - E-comercial oriented CMS based on Perl 5, Apache, MySQL

Content Management System building to contol e-commerce like resources.Used technologies: Perl 5 - main code. Template-Toolkit for templating. PHP-Interpreter for including php-modules. Image-Magick for creating and editing images. PCGI + Stream-Reader for CGI functions. Apache Mod_rewrite for fast URLs. Mod_perl for increasing execute speed. MySQL(InnoDB) for data storage and transactions-type work. JavaScript - dynamic interface and AJAX-requests. HTML + CSS - base interface style.

Jsterminal - A console/terminal program in Javascript.

A terminal/commandprompt/console-lookalike in Javascript. It can interprete commands with parameters and sends AJAX-requests to any server language. It can retrieve the AJAX-callback. ---- Nederlands (Dutch)Een console/terminal/commandprompt-venster in HTML en Javascript. Eenvoudig te bedienen via een tekstregel. Druk op de Enter-toets om de opdracht uit te voeren. Verwacht callback van een ASP- of PHP-pagina. Mogelijkheden met bijgeleverde ASP/vbscript-pagina: * een email verzenden (je kan afze

Mystoragejs - Javascript Cache Objects

myStorage.jsWhat is it?myStorage.js is a class for cache of objects in the browser. in order to avoid unnecessary queries to the application server in Ajax it can cache the results of a Ajax request and thereby avoid seeking into application server. DocumentationReference manual Quick Start<html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src="prototype.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="myStorage.js"></script>\t<script type="text/javascript">\t window.onload = function () { storage =

Jsdelight - Smart JavaScript environment that acts as a solid base for interactive Web-Pages

jsDelight is a smart JavaScript environment that acts as a solid base for interactive Web-Pages. It is build up completely object-orientated with full derive-capabilities. Beside useful basic objects, it gives full control to query dom-elements, and control them. The Concept behind jsDelightBasically jsDelight is an environment in which objects could be defined. It manages the complete class and derive functionality and emulates a "real" class behavior. Based on this it provides useful objects t

Jslproject - The Java Script Library

Jsl - The JavaScript LibraryLightweight, full-featured, prototype-based JavaScript library. Features: DOM traversing and manipulation (HTML, XML) AJAX requests handling Cross-domain AJAX requests handling OOP-style code writing Base abstractions: Observable, Hash, Collection Easy URLs manipulation Examples: Traversing a DOM tree and manipulate over an elements: Jsl('div').append( 'p').html( 'Pass').css({ \tpadding: '10px', \tbackground: '#eee', \tfontWeight: 'bold', \tfontStyle: 'italic' }); In

Content-glider - Javascript for blogger templates

//Featured Content Glider: By http://www.dynamicdrive.com //Created: Dec 22nd, 07' //Updated (Jan 29th, 08): Added four possible slide directions: "updown", "downup", "leftright", or "rightleft" //Updated (Feb 1st, 08): Changed glide behavior to reverse direction when previous button is clicked //Updated (Feb 12th, 08): Added ability to retrieve gliding contents from an external file using Ajax ("remotecontent" variable added to configuration) var featuredcontentglider={ csszindex: 100, ajaxload

Htmlarea-insert-flash - Insert Flash Plugin for HTMLArea 3.0

AboutinsertFlash is a plugin for popular cross-browser rich editor HTMLArea (http://www.dynarch.com/projects/htmlarea/). insertFlash 是廣�好評的網�編輯器 HTMLArea (http://www.dynarch.com/projects/htmlarea/) 的外掛程� InstallationUnpack zip to htmlarea\\plugins 將檔案解壓縮到 htmlarea\\plugins NoticeinsertFlash plugin use swfobject.js version 1.4.x / 1.5.x linked in http://htmlarea-insert-flash.googlecode.com/files/swfobject.js, you could modify this link in lang setting