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AJAXForms is a tool that transforms XHTML/XForms documentos, that can't be used in browsers, to HTML with Javascript documents. This tool is implemented using AJAX.




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Jqueryajaxform - Simple ajax form implementation based on jQuery

Simple, small (1.3K) ajax form implementation based on jQuery. Usage: Simply add ajaxform class, and a hidden input with "ajaxform_refresh" name which contains the ids of elements have to be refreshed. After the form submit, only the given fields will be refreshed, instead of the whole page. You don't have to change anything on the server side, but it is possible to give back only the referenced parts of the result to reduce the bandwidth usage, and usage of server resources. How dose it work: T

ASP.net MVC Awesome - jQuery Ajax Helpers

It contains a rich set of helpers (controls) that you can use to build highly responsive and interactive Ajax-enabled Web applications. These helpers include Autocomplete, AjaxDropdown, Lookup, MultiLookup, AjaxForm, AjaxRadioList, AjaxCheckBoxList, DatePicker, Confirm Dialog,...

Jqueryoverlayform - Jquery Overlay Form by Broncha

Renders a form using jQuery/AJAX. Includes form validation. Submits the form and throws server response. Uses CSS3 for a sleek look.

Protect-data - protectData jQuery Plugin

What it isWhen a user enters data into a form, it can get lost if he leaves the page or clicks a link (be it ajax or not). Here comes protectData, it asks the user before losing his data by loading another page or submitting an ajax request(optional). It integrates with jquery.form (so ajaxSubmit and ajaxForm are saved too). (There is a typo in the current version(thx to timothy) loose vs lose, will be fixed in 0.2) Examples//basic protection$('form').protectData(); //basic and ajax protection$(

Ajaxformsplugin - An AJAX form plugin to DOMAssistant

DOMAssistantAJAXFormsAJAXForms is a plugin to DOMAssistant, and offers the possibility to submit forms dynamically through AJAX without posting the entire page. Usage:Use DOMAssistant in your web page. Then include the DOMAssistantAJAXForms plugin. There are two ways of adding AJAX form functionality to a form: Approach 1:Add the class "ajax-form" to any form you would like to be submitted via AJAX. For example: <form action="some-url.php" class="ajax-form">. Approach 2:Use a JavaScript call to

Ciheadstart - CI Headstart

This project includes an up-to-date copy of CodeIgniter with Jquery, Blueprint CSS, and a whole bunch of home-cooked helpers and libraries to skip a lot of setup/prep-work that I constantly find myself for repeating every project that I begin. This is particularly useful for projects that are developed in a distributed environment using SVN. Features of CI Headstart are: Built-in authentication library XML <==> Database synchronization tool (optional, but useful for version controlled projects)

Jqupload - jQuery Uploader (jQupload) - jQuery Uploader help you to upload file without reload your

Screen Shot Features jQupload is a simple form submit plugin. Files can be upload through the plugin. jQupload is easy to integate to your application. jQupload can easy to define your own logic. jQupload tested with IE6, IE7, IE8, FF3, Opera, Safari4, Google Chrome2. jQupload is a lightweight form uploader plugin - The source file is just 2k! Free and Free of charge under the MIT License. Visit our site to learn more about jQuery Uploader

Ajaxform - a simple ajax framework used to submit form.

一个用�异步�交表�的框架。 采用了JQuery,JQuery.UI,JQuery.Form。 先看看,设计的�衷。 http://blog.csdn.net/maoxiang/archive/2008/06/25/2584282.aspx Form的数��交需�改进的地方 # 1.数�一次校验 完整的数�校验需���页�(JS)和��程�分别�校验,虽然有Commons-validate 框架�以使用,但本质上还是分为这么2次校验。如果校验出错或者程�出错,都是��采用redirect的方�返回到��