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Javascript 3d engine using the WHATWG HTML lt;canvasgt; tag for output.




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Iscreen - An ECMAscript (javascript) tool for displaying pictures in a pseudo 3D board

The project aims to build an ECMAscript library for displaying pictures in pseudo 3D in a HTML page. An example can be seen on zebible The first author is not a programmer ! And any kind of help is welcome: help in integration into SPIP, and other AJAX improvements, Help in JQuery...

Ptolemy3d - Java based 3D Viewer for GeoWeb

3D Viewer designed to be used as an embedded element in a AJAX style GeoWeb application. Supports tiled and pyramided jpeg2000 data and via plugin architecture - data standards such as WMS and WFS. Please go to pTolemy3D Groups Site wiki docs are here http://code.google.com/p/ptolemy3d/wiki/WikiStart demo is located at http://demo.ptolemy3d.org

Lpmp - A streaming media server using python ajax and flash.

Lpmp is a media player in the style of gnump3d. It allows you to listen to your mp3 media anywhere you have access to any modern computer that is JavaScript capable and has the Adobe Flash Plug-in installed.

Shepherd - 3d Content project and asset manager

Shepherd is a project and asset managing system for use in Visual FX/Animation/Print Production.

Agentsnap - Snap up your images, videos and just about any other HTML on this 3d board

Snap up your images, videos and just about any other HTML on this 3d board Realtime updates while editing Snappy response Mutli user Fine grained user permissions

Web2rpg - A TableTop Role Playing Environment For Web 2.0

This ambitious project intends to leverage web 2.0 technologies (such as PHP5, AJAX, JSON, Web3D, VOIP and so on) to create an advanced environment for running and playing Table Top Style Role Playing Games online.

Jsc3d - A web 3d object viewer using pure javascript and html canvas

IntroductionWelcome to JSC3D. This project provides a 3d object viewer for presenting 3d models and small scenes on a web page. JSC3D is coded entirely in Javascript and requires an HTML canvas to perform rendering and interactions. JSC3D does not target at a serious all-purpose 3d engine. In contrast it is made especially for online design sharing and product exhibitions. Currently JSC3D is built on pure javascript software rendering with 2d canvas technology and does not depend on webgl or plu

Cal3djs - Javascript 3D character animation library

Cal3DJS is an open source Javascript skeleton based 3D character animation engine ported from the original C/C++ Cal3D project. It is designed (but not limited) to be utilized by WebGL and canvas applications. Cal3DJS is pure Javascript and independent of any graphic API. Featuresskeleton based animations seamless blending of multiple animation tracks attachment and detachment of one or more skinned meshes at runtime transformation of vertices and normals according to the weighted influence of o


-suz-env-local -suz-env-server -suz-s2-uploader -suz-as2-remoting -suz-demo-pv3d -suz-demo-php -suz-demo-s2flex2 -suz-demo-mule

Gwt-o3d - Library providing easy to use cross-platform browser 3D capabilities to Google Web Toolkit

NEWS::9/17/09Okay so i have been super backlogged at work, which my open source work takes a backseat to. i wish i had like 32 hours a day, but i dont. I have done a bunch more research, and put alot more thought into how and what to code up into gwt-o3d first. I hope to have a much more expansive release by the end of august, this will include more expansive object and model creation and loading, in addition more automatic resource loading, and dynamic shader loading, i would also like to code