Ajax File Manager - AjaxExplorer

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Need to handle your server files as easy as OS could? Then this is your stuff! Just upload the file to your server and unzip. Works on most browser.




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XForms to XHTML+Javascript (AJAX) conversion based on a unique XSL transformation. Suitable server-side (PHP) or client-side (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Safari) browser treatement where an XSLT 1.0 engine is available

AIE (Ajax-Image-Editor)

AIE (Ajax-Image-Editor), formely known as Akoie is a rich internet application for manipulating images online. It works with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. It uses HTML, JavaScript and Ext JS on client side and ImageMagick and PHP on server side.

Exsvg - SVG 1.1 Implementation for Internet Explorer browser

This projects aims to deliver a JavaScript implementation of SVG 1.1 to fill this technology gap in Internet Explorer browser.

Dbideas - Database Explorer on the Web

dbIdeas is a database explorer for your browser, with an intuitive interface, powered by ExtJS. On the server-side, a light java web app, connected to your database through JDBC...

Delivery Boy

This is primarly an academic project to explore .NET 3.5, specifically LINQ to SQL, Windows Workflow, WCF, ASP.NET AJAX and more. The idea is to create a fictitiuos ASP (that could become real if someone wanted to but it is not the intent of the project) that is a mashup id...

Gwtsite - The source code from the demos hosted at gwtsite.com

I have several GWT demos from the blog gwtsite.com that I'd like to make available. Exploring data binding with Gwittir Dragging and dropping with gwt-dnd Demo

Bumbleverse - A very simple GWT based multi-player game where you and your friends bumble about the

A very simple GWT based game where you and your friends bumble about the multi-verse exploring, fighting, and having a all out good time.

Webmin-theme-stressfree - The StressFree theme for Webmin which includes drop-down menus, search, ne

The StressFree theme for Webmin features a completely new graphical look, high colour icons, drop-down menus and an AJAX search tool for locating Webmin modules quickly. It has been extensively tested in Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Screencast Screenshots

Fileuploadarea - Multiple drag and drop file upload jQuery plugin

Uses the new File API supported by Firefox 3.6. Enables you to target any html element and turn it into a hotspot for receiving files from the file explorer! Each file will be sent as a binary AJAX-request with customizable GET params. Includes support for callbacks to track the progress and completion of the file.