Aitso-a platform for spatial optimization and based on artificial immune systems

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Aitso is a user friendly professional software for spatial optimization and based on artificial immune systems.



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Spatial-indexing - Application to ilustrate spatial indexing

Spatial indexes are used by spatial databases (databases which store information related to objects in space) to optimize spatial queries. Indexes used by non-spatial databases cannot effectively handle features such as how far two points differ and whether points fall within a spatial area of interest. Common spatial index methods include:

WEKA Classification Algorithms

A collection of plug-in algorithms for the WEKA machine learning workbench including artificial neural network (ANN) algorithms, and artificial immune system (AIS) algorithms.

Computational Intelligence Library

CILib is a framework for developing Computational Intelligence software in swarm intelligence, evolutionary computing, neural networks, artificial immune systems, fuzzy logic and robotics.

Healpix-rangeset - Healpix spatial index optimized for high resolutions

Note: this project has moved to new site on GithubHEALPix is an algorithm to split celestial sphere to pixel with equal size. This project optimizes original Healpix to use compressed RangeSet. It breaks limitations of original version on high resolutions and improves performance and memory consumption by several magnitudes. It allows processing sets at highest resulution (0.2 arcsec, NSIDE=1048576) with 1E11 pixels in real time! See HighResolution example This project is based on Java version o

Spatialcache - python scripts for wms cache

SimpleSpatialCache is cache server written entirely in python. It has been designed to be flexible and powerful. FlexibleEven it has been designed to work with a WMS as backend, it can be used beyond this scope without any trouble. You can use it as a general purpose cache if you want. Think of it as a small squid, that show it's true power when serving WMS requests. PowerfulThe multithreaded architecture makes it safe and scalable. GET request have been optimized to be incredibly fast. POST req


DTI-TK contains two features: a spatial normalization and atlas construction toolkit optimized for examining white matter morphometry using DTI data and a white matter tract-specific analysis pipeline.

Advanced Remote Sensing Information Extractor

The Advanced Remote Sensing Information Extractor (ARSIE) is a project to create a software which is able to extract advanced information from remote sensing imagery. Some advanced data mining techniques, such as Artificial Immune Network and SVM are included.

Immunato - An e-mail filter based on an artificial immune system.

This project is my Master of Engineering thesis project at the University of York. I am developing an e-mail filter that uses an artificial immune system to determine whether an e-mail is interesting to the user or not. A later extension will be that the filter will be capable of categorising e-mail in user-defined categories. The advantages to using an artificial immune system are that it is robust, can track trends and respond quickly to changes. Part of my project is to compare its performanc

Xxl - XXL is a Java library that contains a rich infrastructure for implementing advanced query proc

ProjecteXtensible and fleXible Library XXL is a Java library that contains a rich infrastructure for implementing advanced query processing functionality. The library offers low-level components like access to raw disks as well as high-level ones like a query optimizer. On the intermediate levels, XXL provides a demand-driven cursor algebra, a framework for indexing and a powerful package for supporting aggregation. The XXL project provides various packages. See the longer introduction to XXL fo