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Airpwn is a tool for generic packet injection on an 802.11 network.



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J-tak - java applet server used for mitm attacks

J-tak demonstrates the effects of a mitm attack utilizing the popular java applet infection method. The applet source is resigned every time it's loaded so that they are not blocked. Once an applet has been successfully ran, the client is blacklisted. A tool such as ettercap, airpwn, middler or wifitap can be used to inject the iframe into webpages.

Airtools - Some proof-of-concept tools for cookies and passwords stealing on unprotected networks

Airtools presentationHere are some tools to prove that WEP or open wireless networks are unsafe for authentication on any HTTP website, even if the authentication is done via HTTPS (like Paypal, Hotmail, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo...). This project consists in a set of tools using man-in-the-middle attacks to steal passwords, cookies and inject messages in a MSN conversation :-) Code is based on Airpwn. Typical usage./configure Add hashtable.o in Makefile make Set you wireless card in monitor mode (

airpwn - A generic packet injection tool for 802.11 networks.

A generic packet injection tool for 802.11 networks.