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Artificial Intelligence Electronic Manipulation Bot will be designed for developing A.I on the web using standard protocols of communication such as ICQ, MSN, and especially AIM. The Bot will be able to under stand and collect as much data as possible fro



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Cis498-ai-bot - Senior Design Project - Umass Dartmouth - AI Bot For a Multiplayer Video Game

While AI and bots are very similar when it comes to game development, it should be noted that AI generally refers to players in the game not controlled by the human player. Bots, however, are more specialized, and appear in multiplayer games. They should do everything a human player can do, and, if on the human player’s team, they are going to protect and otherwise help the player. It is obvious by these definitions that the programming such systems is not trivial and can range in complexity f

Allbinarygamedevelopmentkit - Provide cross platform game libraries and tools for Android, J2ME, and

Moved to GitHub: Provide easy game development for 3 billion plus devices The AllBinary Arcade Game Development Kit contains over 100 very small libraries to help ease arcade game development. The main features include the following: Multi-Platform - Android, J2ME, and J2SE (Moblin/MeeGo, IPhone, Linux, Windows, Solaris, Mac, and More) Fullscreen and Windowed Support (Does not require restart to toggle between) Real Time Strategy (Building, Waypoin

Games-AIBots - Release history of Games-AIBots

Release history of Games-AIBots

scuby-wars - Library for programming little AI-Bots, fighting against each other

Library for programming little AI-Bots, fighting against each other


Able to successfully hook Starcraft 2's graphics functions to draw overlays. Inspired by the similar Stanford project.