Apache Hourly Stats

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Apache Hourly Stats starts like an excesively simple PHP script which generates an HTML report from an Apache access_log file. The statistics it provides are mainly unique IP adresses per hour and per day. I didn't find existing log analyzers which provi




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Icbinabr - class project for UMN

SENG 5131 project repository... ah, the signup application. ICBINABR!

Allhomes-rss - Screen scraper to convert an allhomes.com.au page into an rss feed

This is just a very simple screen scraper I hacked up on top of Beautiful Soup so I could watch new property listing one allhomes.com.au (pages like http://www.allhomes.com.au/ah/ah0069?lstype=res&divid=10008) in my RSS reader. Obviously this will only be of even the remotest interest to you if you live in Canberra, Australia, and are interested in buying a house. For now, I'm just using it with NetNewsWire's script subscription option. It could probably be deployed on a web server pretty simply

Gebeah - Um emulador de Gameboy Advance

GeBeAHGeBeAH é (será) um emulador de Gameboy Advance, rodando no Linux (futuro próximo) e Windows (futuro distante). Status da EmulaçãoCPU: 0% (nada feito) Unidade gráfica: 0% (nada feito) Unidade sonora: 0% (nada feito) Interface gráfica: 0% (nada feito) CompatibilidadeNenhum jogo/demo suportado (ainda)...

Gempaq - open source stuff

GAJAXAPIPronounced "Ga-ja-ah-pee" Allows you to configure Drupal to use hosted Google AJAX API libraries like jQuery, script.aculo.us, jQuery UI, Google Maps, Google AJAX Search and many more from Google Code. More info Google Maps GeoRSS parser for FeedsThe story of Google Maps GeoRSS parser for Feeds... More info Gempaq Code is maintained by Nazrul Kamaruddin (@nazroll)

Artificialhorizon-ah-3 - Artificial Horizon AH-3 and AH-3+

This small Java application is an Artificial Horizon and lets you to debug, study, analyze, improve, better tuning or whatever your IMU or kalman application in a visual way. It could be adapted to display just angle attitude information from your DCM or application. Since it does use a serial connection I wrote it with a microcontroller in mind, so the application is strongly aimed to get data from your micro and display it. It has been written in Java to assure max portability and doesn't requ