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wol has moved to https://sourceforge.net/projects/wake-on-lan/




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Atomic-hedgehog - Python-based, OpenCL-accelerated neural time series analysis and spiking neural ne

atomic-hedgehog, or ahh, has the following primary goals: to provide a repository of high-quality code useful for analyzing neural time series, particularly high-dimensional datasets for which computational time is a significant bottleneck. to develop a lean, flexible framework for the simulation of many parallel realizations of relatively large spiking neural networks, and to provide a repository for models building on this framework To enable this we use Python as a front-end language and Open

Stript-ad-hujangede - js

ahh teink naonl lnkasadkj

Naruto - ahh basically its the anime naruto

this is a skin of the anime naruto, i couldn't find a naruto 1 i liked so i made this..

Evotinyengine - Flash demo engine

Demoengine for Actionscript 3 focused on usability and performance.Enjoy your coding. Work less, hobby more. Bedazzle. Get the evoTinyEngineExample project from svn and start coding. NOW AVAILABLE v. Get if from v2 folder and test with /evoTinyEngineV2_example/ plain project. v2.0 is 5-6 times faster then v1! First time user? Read this http://www.simppa.fi/source/jac_EvoTinyEngine_v1.pdf. This engine is used by demo group evoflash. (http://www.evoflash.fi/) Demos made with this engi

Aktifboxcms - A Sexy Opensource Content Management Systems

Unknown end tag for </a>Unknown end tag for </div> Products Documentation And Live Demo You Can Access Here: http://www.aktifbox.com/ Proud To Says That We Are The Developer Of: http://www.thc.nl.ae/ http://www.safe2u.biz/ http://www.myjob.com.my/ http://www.fifihair.com/ Unknown end tag for </p> On late 2006 R. AIDY (Edward C.) A Malaysian Born Based Web Developer, developed a Jscripts Apps which he called 'HTMLRUS' and later on changing his mind on renaming his "WySiWyG EDITOR APPS" to "OnePoi

push-it - Ahh.. PUSH IT


ahh-windows - Windows XP Emulator -- in the browser :)

Windows XP Emulator -- in the browser :)