African Honey Bee Application Suite

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This is the home of the software behind the African Honey Bee community enrichment project.



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Cs373-ahb487-mjt747-primes - Solving the summation of four primes problem

Write a script in Python that will take a number and break it into four primes

Image2css - Convert images (png, gif, jpg) to Data URI CSS classes

Image2CSS-Converter has moved to github.comnew location The purpose of Image2CSS-Converter is to stream-line the process of generating data URI for use in CSS files. There are several online tools that allow you to upload images and receive a screen full of Base64 text. This tool allows you to batch script the process on your own machine. Features: Command line interface for Linux or Windows Generate CSS file containing Data URI CSS classes Convert single file or entire directories of images to

Hatch - Hatch is a tool for developing a register interface for FPGAs and ASICs.

Hatch is open source, extensible, and aimed at IC and FPGA designers. Unfortunately Hatch has grown to be a monolithic piece of code making it difficult to extend and maintain. As a result it will be re-factored at some point. No further development should be done in the main branch. Hatch uses a high level register interface description in Python to generate RTL (Verilog), XML, and various documentation formats including HTML and LaTex. This allows the documentation source code and register RTL