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AHA! is a (web)server extension to provide adaptive (personalized) presentations. It is based on open standards including xml and xhtml and uses Java Servlets and optionally a mySQL database. It includes graphical authoring tools for concept structures




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Aha-gae - aha is a python framework for google app engine

'Aha' is a python framework specialized for google app engine. The name comes from aha-experience. It provides the best way of populating your inspiration to the clouds :-). http://coreblog.org/aha Or you can get source code from the repository. http://code.google.com/p/aha-gae/ What is ahaAha is a web application framework. It has been developed hoping it will be the best way to propagate your 'aha!' into the cloud :-). Aha has following features. rails like routing class based controller mako

Scala-peer-review - Peer Review System Implemented in Scala

The goal of this project is to create an implementation in Scala of the Peer Review system as described by Andreas Haeberlen, Petr Kuznetsov, and Peter Druschel (http://www.cis.upenn.edu/~ahae/papers/peerreview-sosp07.pdf) Currently, there is a group of 9 students working on this as an independent study under University of Pennsylvania Professor Benjamin C. Pierce. As a whole, the project is being worked on in three facets: Tranport Layer Goal: Create a robust distributed layer which can be used

Attacker - Simple 2D shooting game

Just Simple C++ Project from SK team :]

Geometry-wings - Top down Geometry based space flight game written in VB .net

For a school assignment. The first release is very incomplete. Please do not expect all services to work within it. An update for this project is coming shortly... Aha...The assignment went a little behind. No more levels, support etc... will be given. I have uploaded the game and source code and a user manual. Support (the user manual may differ) has been shortened to ending on the 13 September 2009. Not that it is a very good game anyway...

Inframesh - Refined all kinds of opensource library to form a repository for everyday development

What is inframeshYou can read inframesh as infra-mesh, its initial meanings, also you can regard it as in-frame-sh,, aha OriginIn the opensource era, we benefit from all kinds of opensource projects, library covering a broad range, useful versatile tools on one hand, but on the other hand, we are also embarrassed because we have to face how to use them, or what selections we should consider among the choices. So I have a idea: why we refine the libraries or components, and use some standards for

aha - LAND studio AHA GiveCamp 2013 project

LAND studio AHA GiveCamp 2013 project

Aha-List - A Code Academy class project that records "aha moments" in lists.

A Code Academy class project that records "aha moments" in lists.

ahaQuize - Quiz fun projects for IMK

Quiz fun projects for IMK