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AGT is a powerful console frontend to iptables, supporting nearly all of the iptables extensions. All options can be specified in a configuration file with similar syntax to 'ipf' and 'ipfw'.



Related Projects


Nstclhttpd is an attempt to emulate Tcl layer of AOLserver in a Tcl environment using;brgt;lt;brgt; If you are looking for dqkit, see lt;a href=quot;;gt;dqsoftwarelt;/agt; project.

MinGW packages repository

The aim of the project is to provide and maintain MinGW (Minimalist GNU-Windows32, lt;a href=quot;http://www.mingw.orgquot;gt;http://www.mingw.orglt;/agt;) ports of important software, primarily libraries.

FXBook: the FXRuby Documentation Project

FXBook's goal is to produce a series of documentation covering lt;a href=quot;;gt;FXRubylt;/agt; which is a lt;a href=quot;;gt;Rubylt;/agt; binding to the lt;a href=quot;;gt;FOX Toolkitlt;/agt;.

Tcl Gtk Bindings

Tcl_Gtk is a lt;A HREF=quot;http://www.scriptics.comquot;gt;Tcllt;/agt; extension that provides a simple clean interface to lt;A HREF=quot;http://www.gtk.orgquot;gt;Gtklt;/agt;.


IslandEv distributes a Genetic Algorithm (like lt;a href=quot;/projects/jagaquot;gt;JaGalt;/agt;) across a network (see lt;a href=quot;/projects/distritquot;gt;DistrITlt;/agt;) using an island based coevolutionary model in which neighbouring islands swap migrating individuals every

News Box

PHP Script to collect news from other sites /just the headline) and store them in a MySQL DB. You can see it running lt;a href=quot;http://news.ohardt.comquot;gt; here lt;/agt; and lt;a href=quot;;gt; here lt;/agt;


This project is an open source hub software (server for Direct Connect) coded in C#, more powerful, requiring less resources and supporting a lt;a href=/projects/odchplugins/gt;pluginlt;/agt; architecture.

ODC(#)H PlugIns

This project is a collection of differents plugins for lt;a href=;ODC(#)Hlt;/agt; server.